Elizabeth Aguilera

Independent Journalist , Zócalo Public Square, CalMatters, and Southern California Public Radio

Study Plan: When Climate Change and Environmental Racism Converge: Who Will be Left Behind?

Roberson Alphonse

Head of National News, le Nouvelliste (Haiti)

Study Plan: Helping Haitian Journalists Navigate an Increasingly Volatile Press Environment

Rustin Dodd

Senior Reporter, The Athletic

Study Plan: America’s Love Affair with Sports Gambling and the Implications for Sports Media

Sharif Hassan

Reporter, Canadian Press News Agency

Study Plan: Strengthening Reporting on Canada’s Environmental and Sustainability Challenges

Peter Hoffman

Independent documentary photographer, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Bloomberg Businessweek

Study Plan: Southeast Michigan’s Watersheds: A Microcosm of Larger Environmental Issues

Yunhee Kim

Politics editor, Munhwa Ilbo (South Korea)

Study Plan: Strengthening Korean Presidential Election Coverage in a Hyper-Polarized Political Climate

Mila Koumpilova

Senior Education Reporter, Chalkbeat

Study Plan: Out of School, Out of Work: Seeking Solutions to America’s Youth Disconnection Problem

Efrat Lachter

Investigative Correspondent, Israel's Channel 12 news (Israel)

Study Plan: Exploring Ways to Preserve Journalistic Integrity in Unstable Political Atmospheres

Victor Kai Shing Law

Senior Reporter, AM730 (Hong Kong)

Study Plan: Charting a Future for Hong Kong’s Independent Media in a Time of Growing Censorship

Jaime Lowe

Author, Independent Journalist and Contributor, The New York Times Magazine

Study Plan: High-Risk Healthcare: How Doctors and Patients Navigate Pregnancy in the Post-Dobbs Midwest

Iuliia Mendel

Ukrainian Journalist, Political Commentator, and Opinion Writer, The Washington Post

Study Plan: The War for Hearts and Minds: Populism’s Battle with the Media

Kwan Ling Mok

Independent Visual Journalist and Filmmaker and Former Reporter, Stand News

Study Plan: Trauma and Protest: How Can Hong Kong Recover from China’s Crackdown?

Josh Raab

Media Strategist and Former Director of Instagram and TikTok, National Geographic

Study Plan: Rewarding “Undelightful” Content: Helping Journalism Survive an Algorithmic Future

Tamanna Rahman

Independent Investigative Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker, BBC, Channel 4 and VICE

Study Plan: Global Food Security: Pricing, Supply and the Role of Commodities Traders

Joshua Sharpe

Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

Study Plan: Identifying Patterns and Remedies in Wrongful Convictions

'Fisayo Soyombo

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Foundation for Investigative Journalism (Nigeria)

Study Plan: Reverse Prison Break: Contextualizing Nigeria’s Criminal Justice Reform Needs

Ben Steverman

Reporter, Bloomberg News

Study Plan: Strategies for Reviving American Nightlife and Community in a Digital Age

Doris Truong

Senior Director of Teaching and Diversity Strategies, Poynter Institute of Media Studies

Study Plan: Helping Journalists Mitigate Unconscious Bias in Their Reporting