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Wallace House Announces Executive Board

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  • James Thomas
    James Thomas ’11
    Staff Editor for Interactive News, The New York Times
    “I'm still carrying out the course of study I began in Knight-Wallace. I help make news-gathering and presentation software and teach our reporters and editors to use it. U-M's Computer Science and Engineering school gave me many of the rudiments of what I practice now. Wallace House gave me space and resources to tinker, encouraged me to dream, and gifted me with a family of supporters. It was the best of all worlds.”
  • Tracy Jan
    Tracy Jan ‘15
    Reporter, The Washington Post
    ”The Knight-Wallace Fellowship year was a gift I‘d like to wish upon everyone. When else is your ‘job’ to focus exclusively on developing your own personal and professional interests and dreams, surrounded by inspiring international colleagues and with the vast academic resources of a top research university. I came away from the year with health care expertise, sources and story ideas; a feature length screenplay; and what I expect to be a lifelong support group of fellows as well as a renewed appreciation for cultivating a rich life outside of work.”
  • Molly Ball
    Molly Ball ‘10
    Political Writer, The Atlantic
    “The Knight-Wallace Fellowship changed my life and career forever. I made friends I'll never forget, expanded myself intellectually and personally, traveled the world, and ate a lot of great meals. But most importantly, the fellowship restored my belief in the possibility of a life in journalism. This business can be a tough one; the fellowship reminds you all the great reasons we keep at it.”
  • Wayne Drehs
    Wayne Drehs ‘10
    Senior Feature Writer, ESPN Magazine and
    “The fellowship taught me to think big. And more specifically, to look at stories beyond our borders. The travel that we did during my year, specifically to Argentina, Brazil and Russia helped me see the sports landscape from a more global perspective and chase stories in places like Cairo, Doha, Sochi, Sao Paulo and Rio. Some of my best work from the past few years has come as a direct result of that increased confidence and refined perspective.”
  • Sarah Robbins
    Sarah Robbins ’12
    Senior Supervising Editor, NPR
    “The fellowship gave me the ability to reach creatively inside myself and use that in my coverage in vastly different ways than I had done before. You must apply, because it will do something for you that you had no idea it could.”
  • Peggy Lowe
    Peggy Lowe ’09
    Investigations Editor, Harvest Public Media and KCUR, the NPR member station in Kansas City
    “Professionally, I completely switched course. I would never have been able to come up with that clarity, that plan, without the Knight-Wallace Fellowship. I had time and space to design how I want the second part of my life to look.”

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