• Take the challenge to dig deeper.
    Mazin Sidahmed '21
    Co-Executive Director, Documented
    "I've learned a great deal about other fields from all the fellows, experts and a range of different issues that I'd never reported on, or never even thought about delving into. Every seminar, every time we connect one-on-one, I'm learning about other worlds you never thought about and I'm now incredibly curious about."
  • Take the challenge pilot your own project.
    Alissa Figueroa '21
    Senior editor and producer at Type Investigations
    "I applied for this fellowship because I was really eager to get back into making my own journalism and I'd never had an opportunity to do something independently, to produce a project from beginning to end outside of the network system. For me, the opportunity to spend nine months on a project is really unprecedented to be completely honest. It's very rare to have that amount of time to really delve into one topic as a journalist."
  • Bastian Obermayer
    Take the challenge to advance your career.
    Bastian Obermayer ‘17
    Head of Investigations, Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich, Germany)
    "Because of the Knight-Wallace Fellowship, I was ready for the next step in my career. I am now the head of our investigative unit. A position I would not even have applied for, if the Fellowship didn't teach me to dare. I can now envision not only one path for my future, like climbing up the ladder at our paper, but several different paths, like being a scholar, a book writer, even entrepreneur. Go for it! But beware, it's going to change your life."
  • Amy Maestas
    Take the challenge to become a newsroom leader.
    Amy Maestas ‘17
    Digital Editor, The Salt Lake Tribune
    “The Fellowship gave me the opportunity to focus fully on learning ways to ensure that local journalism is sustainable. Inspiring seminars with news leaders about the future of journalism and classes at the Ross School of Business about innovation and leadership taught me how to navigate the current disruption in the media industry. After the Fellowship, I led a team of people across my company. Our work was nationally recognized by industry organizations and we provided guidance to other newspapers.”
  • Greg Amante
    Take the challenge to advance your career.
    Greg Amante ‘16
    Investigative Producer – Enterprise Unit, ESPN
    “I was doing the work I wanted to do, and I was successful at it. However, I asked myself what’s next and what’s going to get me there? The nurturing environment of the Fellowship was the petri dish that allowed ideas to take form and grow. When the Fellowship ended, I not only picked up where I left off... I took off. I followed the Fellowship with my best work to date; taking a difficult international assignment and turning it into an award-winning investigative feature.”
  • Laurent Richard
    Take the challenge to pilot a new project.
    Laurent Richard ‘17
    Investigative Filmmaker and Founder, Forbidden Stories
    “These eight months allowed me to realize the project of my dreams: to create a news organization that completes and publishes the work of journalists who have been murdered, arrested or censored. The Knight-Wallace Fellowship was magic for me. It opened doors to experts and resources at the Ross School of Business and the School of Information, and gave me the time to set up Forbidden Stories.”
  • Delece Smith Barrow
    Take the challenge to dig deeper.
    Delece Smith-Barrow ‘17
    Education Editor, Politico
    “The Knight-Wallace Fellowship allowed me to do a deep dive into how top-tier universities recruit faculty of color. Now all of my stories are deep dives – often 2,500 words, and I spend several months reporting them. The Fellowship got me in the rhythm of engrossing myself in one topic and having the time to research before working on a final product. It is a truly amazing experience that you won’t regret.”
  • Bernice Yeung
    Take the challenge to do your best work.
    Bernice Yeung ‘16
    Managing Editor, Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
    “The Knight-Wallace Fellowship is the most glorious opportunity to stop, re-calibrate, breathe, grow and improve yourself – as a human and as a journalist. You’ll learn things you didn’t expect to. It may seem crazy to stop working in a moment when there’s so much forward momentum in your career, but in the process of stopping and being purposeful about what’s next and why, you come out a stronger journalist than before.”

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