Mike Baker

Education Correspondent, BBC

Study Plan: School innovation and underachievment

Peter Burdin

World Assignments Editor, BBC

Study Plan: An African renaissance: the political culture and society

John Fountain

Staff Writer, The Washington Post

Study Plan: Race and inner city poverty

Mariana Garcia

Writer, Clarín (Buenos Aires)

Study Plan: Covering of electoral campaigns in American graphic mass media

Maria Elena Gil

Freelance Journalist, Cuba

Study Plan: Economics and globalization

Maria Tereza Gomes da Silva

Senior Editor, Você (Brazil)

Study Plan: The globalization and employment markets in emerging countries

Danny Gur-arieh

Israel Correspondent, Reuters

Study Plan: Strategic policy and the global arms market since the end of the Cold War

John Henrikson

Associate Editor, The Bend Bulletin (Bend, OR)

Study Plan: Sustainable environment and sustainable economics

Diego Lerer

Arts and Entertainment Editor, Clarín (Buenos Aires)

Study Plan: The digital Revolution: towards a cinema of the 21st century

Joseph Mallia

Investigative Reporter, Boston Herald

Study Plan: Effects of technology on child mortality in information-poor communities

Micheline Maynard

Detroit Bureau Chief, USA Today

Study Plan: Corporate culture and the cult of personality

Steve McGookin

Editor, Financial Times

Study Plan: Transportation

Dae-hee Nam

Reporter, The Hankook Ilbo (Seoul)

Study Plan: MArketing and economics

Maureen O'Hagan

Reporter, Willamette Week (Portland, OR)

Study Plan: The criminalization of mental illness

Diane Rado

Reporter, St. Petersburg Times

Study Plan: School failure and impoverished minority children: causes and cures

Monte Reel

Reporter, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Study Plan: Arabic studies and narrative writing

James Rupert II

West Africa Correspondent, The Washington Post

Study Plan: Development of political and cultural identities in de-colonizing societies

Larry Siddons

Sports Project/Olympics Writer, The Associated Press

Study Plan: Our heroes: why we need them, choose them, tear them down

Elizabeth Stawicki

Senior Reporter, Minnesota Public Radio

Study Plan: Child welfare and Native American law

Catherine Vojdik

Writer and Producer, ABC News

Study Plan: The effect of managed care on medical education