Severino Arcones

Station Manager, DYFM, Consolidated Broadcasting System (Iloilo City, Philippines)

Study Plan: Management, psychology, communication technology and political science

Dermot Cole

Reporter, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (Alaska)

Study Plan: 20th century world history, resource economics and literature

Duane Freese

Editorial Page Editor, Battle Creek Enquirer (Michigan)

Study Plan: Economic theory, philosophy and methodology of science; statistics

Joseph Gambardello

Chief Correspondent (Europe, Africa, Middle East), United Press International

Study Plan: Terrorism and its effect on international diplomacy

Dan Gillmor

Mid-America Correspondent, The Kansas City Times

Study Plan: American political history, terrorism and economics

Bonhong Gu

Political Reporter, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (Seoul)

Study Plan: US regional self-government and political development

Kristin Jackson

Copy Editor and Writer, The Seattle Times

Study Plan: US-Canadian relations and US Supreme Court

Susan Knight

Education Writer, The Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)

Study Plan: Political Behavior and public policy in relation to education

Andrzej Krajewski

Reporter, Firma (Warsaw, Poland)

Study Plan: Political science, sociology and economics

M.G. Lord

Editorial Cartoonist, Newsday (Long Island, NY)

Study Plan: History and politics of the Third World, with emphasis on Latin America

Samuel Reynolds

Editorial Page Editor, Missoulian (Montana)

Study Plan: Chinese, Civil War and World War II history, political science

Ellen Soeteber

Associate Metropolitan Editor, Chicago Tribune<

Study Plan: How have cultural and social movements interacted with architectural thought and design?

Lance Williams

Reporter, The San Francisco Examiner

Study Plan: History, economics and politics of Third World countries