Laura Daverio

China Correspondent, La 7 (Italy) and RSI Swiss Italian TV

Study Plan: The appeal of authoritarianism

William Foreman

South China Chief, The Associated Press

Study Plan: The transformation of North Korea

Antonio Gois

Reporter, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: School evaluations: what they really tell us about schools and teachers

Amber Hunt

Reporter, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Embracing empathy in urban crime reporting

Ju-Seung Lee

Senior Reporter, MBC-TV (Seoul)

Study Plan: Climate change - crisis or chance?

Todd Leopold


Study Plan: Increasing the social merit of entertainment news

Alec MacGillis

National Staff Reporter, The Washington Post

Study Plan: America's political agenda

Ted Mellnik

Database Editor, The Charlotte Observer

Study Plan: Using hyper-local data to evaluate neighborhood public services

Ana Laura Perez

Reporter, Viva Magazine - Clarín (Buenos Aires)

Study Plan: The role of traitors in the context of Argentina in the 70s

Nick Perry

Higher Education Reporter, The Seattle Times

Study Plan: Are American colleges failing their students?

Justin Pope

National Higher Education Reporter, The Associated Press

Study Plan: Challenges of mass-scale higher education

Matthew Power

Contributing Editor, Harper's

Study Plan: Transportation and other urban issues in the 21st centruy

Emily Richmond

Education Reporter, Las Vegas Sun

Study Plan: Evaluating single sex education

Christopher Sherman

Rio Grande Valley Correspondent, The Associated Press

Study Plan: The psychological, physical and economical effects of armed conflict on local populations

Harry Siegel

Contributing Editor, Politico

Study Plan: The impact of the internet on social discourse

James Thomas

Web Editor, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Improving technical know-how in the newsroom

Liu Tianzhao

Commentator-in-Chief, Southern Metropolis Daily (China)

Study Plan: The influence of media- and internet activism on social movements

John Walton

Senior Broadcast Journalist, BBC

Study Plan: Data-driven journalism and its uses in interactive storytelling