Frank Browning

Senior West Coast Reporter, NPR

Study Plan: Consequences of demographic upheaval, especially Asian and Hispanic immigration, on American culture

Stephen Frank

Feature Writer, Times Union and Knickerbocker News (Albany, NY)

Study Plan: American and European history and literature; social psychology; the Holocaust of World War II

Frank Gibson

City Editor, The Tennessean (Nashville)

Study Plan: American history, literature, law, sociology and anthropology

Sandra Gregg

Metropolitan Reporter, The Washington Post

Study Plan: Public health, medical care and finance; recent American, African and European history and literature

Samuel Hodges

State Legislative Reporter, United Press International (Columbia, SC)

Study Plan: American history, literature and constitutional law; the Middle East, Spanish

Dean Jensen

Art Critic and Feature Writer, Milwaukee Sentinel

Study Plan: Art history, architecture, literature and classical mythology

Jae-Pil Jo

Reporter for International News, Yonhap News Agency (Seoul)

Study Plan: American and Soviet military strategies in East Asia since World War II

Kazuo Kawanishi

Staff Writer, Mainichi Shimbun (Tokyo)

Study Plan: American culture and economics, with emphasis on the American-Japanese economic relationship

James Kindall

Staff Writer, Star Magazine (Kansas City)

Study Plan: English history, literature and journalism of the late 18th century with emphasis on the role of John Wilkes

Suzanne Lagoni

News Director, KPAX-TV (Missoula, MT)

Study Plan: American history and literature, media law, Asian studies with emphasis on China and Japan, environmental studies

Carolyn Ness

Assistant Metropolitan Editor, The San Francisco Examiner

Study Plan: Factors in social change, including American attitudes toward the roles of women, history, political science, psychology

Robert Press

Southeast Bureau Chief, The Christian Science Monitor

Study Plan: Recent U.S. foreign policy, modern European history, Third World politics, world religions

Melinda Quitos De Jesus

Associate Editor and Columnist, Veritas (Quezon City, Philippines)

Study Plan: US policy in Southeast Asia; political and cultural history of Southeast Asia and the Philippines

N.V. Raman

Associate Editor, The Star (Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia)

Study Plan: International relations, politics and technology, political systems of Southeast Asia, Third World journalism

James Ricci

Feature Writer, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Literature with emphasis on the modern novel and short story; creative and critical writing

Kathie Smith

Agribusiness Reporter, The Modesto Bee (California)

Study Plan: Literature, with emphasis on American literature since the 1920’s; art and music appreciation