Darrell Bowling

Senior Video Producer, MSNBC.com

Study Plan: Does diversity in the newsroom influence diverse news coverage?

Ricardo Braginski

Editor/Technology, Clarín

Study Plan: New digital journalism - challenges and opportunities

John Cary

Editor, Drive, BBC Radio 5 Live

Study Plan: How children are educated - does a teacher's gender make a difference?

Laurie Copans

Jerusalem Correspondent, The Associated Press

Study Plan: Prospects for Palestinian independence

Stephanie DeGroote

Television News Producer, Sky News (London)

Study Plan: Carbon trading - can greed save the world?

Richard Deitsch

Special Projects Editor, Sports Illustrated

Study Plan: China and beyond - exploring the relevancy of the Olympics in the 21st century

Kathleen Galligan

Staff Photographer, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Federal funding of child welfare

John Hill

Senior Writer, The Sacramento Bee

Study Plan: Federal relinquishment of managing free markets

Erica Johnston

Assistant MEtro Editor, The Washington Post

Study Plan: Newspaper coverage of gay social issues in American culture

Sung Woong Kang

Deputy Edior/Social Affairs, YTN-TV (Seoul)

Study Plan: United States 2008: presidential elections and journalism

Rona Kobell

Chesapeake Bay Reporter, The Baltimore Sun

Study Plan: Economic approaches to environmental sustainability

Patricia Kolesnicov

Culture Editor, Clarín (Buenos Aires)

Study Plan: North American women's literature in the 21st century - what are women talking about?

Kimberly Kozlowski

Health/Human Service Reporter, The Detroit News

Study Plan: The race for stem cell cures

Geoff Larcom

Columnist, The Ann Arbor News

Study Plan: The psychology of leadership

Peggy Lowe

Staff Writer, The Orange County Register

Study Plan: The intersection of politics with civil and criminal law

Jonathan Martin

Staff Writer, The Seattle Times

Study Plan: Civil liberties in a time of fear - the detention of secual predators

Joanna Mills

Assistant Editor, BBC World Service News

Study Plan: How is the way crime is covered in the media impacting society?

Robin Pomeroy

Rome Correspondent, Reuters

Study Plan: The influence of environmental degradation on conflict and war

Maria Poveda

Health/Science Reporter, La Razón (Madrid)

Study Plan: Strategies to improve the communication of cancer information to the public

Nataliya Rostova

Reporter, Novaya Gazeta (Moscow)

Study Plan: Media law, freedom of press and politics

Helio Schwartsman

Columnist, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: The impact of scientific discoveries on bioethics

Jakub Svoboda

Editro/Economics, Právo Daily (Prague)

Study Plan: Mafia-Capitalism in post-communist Eastern Europe