Greg Amante

Investigative Features Producer, ESPN

Study Plan: Digital diagnostics and the doctor-patient relationship

Saundra Amrhein

Freelance Journalist, Thomson Reuters, Politico Magazine

Study Plan: Growing socioeconomic inequalities in Cuba amid market reforms

Danya Bacchus

Reporter and Weekend Anchor, KNSD (NBC, San Diego)

Study Plan: Leaderless movements: the rise of digital activism

Ricardo Balthazar

Former Political Editor, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: Structured journalism: how to better manage the flow of information and coordinate jouranlistic teams

Christopher Baxter

Statehouse Reporter, NJ Advance Media, serving The Star Ledger and

Study Plan: Supporting, promoting and integrating enterprise journalism in digital-first newsrooms

Cecilia Derpich

Investigative Journalism Coordinator, El Mercurio (Santiago de Chile)

Study Plan: Innovations to improve print newspapers

Teresa Frontado

Digital Journalist, CBS Miami, Univision

Study Plan: How can legacy news organizations weather social media?

Jenna Krajeski

Freelance Writer, The Nation, The New Yorker, The Atlantic,

Study Plan: The impact of 9/11 on African American Muslims

Michael Luongo

Freelance Journalist, Editor, Photographer and Author, Bloomberg News, CNN, The Christian Science Monitor

Study Plan: Examining tourism and cultural rebuilding in post-war and conflict zones

Silas Martí

Reporter, Visual Arts, Architecture and Design, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: International models of taxing art

Jaepil Noh

Senior Reporter and Editor for Social Affairs, Munwha Broadcasting Corp., Seoul

Study Plan: Disaster coverage in the new media age

Zeynep Özyol

Editor-in-Chief, Al Jazeera Türk Digital Magazine (Istanbul)

Study Plan: Managing digital and TV broadcast integration

Edouard Perrin

Documentary Investigative Reporter, Premières Lignes Télévision (Paris)

Study Plan: Using cooperative journalism to exploit massive data from whistleblowers

Will Potter

Freelance Writer, Foreign Policy, Wired, CNN, NPR

Study Plan: How the War on Terror impacts whistleblowers and journalists

Mosi Secret

Metropolitan Reporter, The New York Times

Study Plan: The role of long-form narrative journalism in fostering social change

Matthew Shaw

Deployment Editor for UK Newsgathering, BBC News

Study Plan: Dealing with depression within newsrooms

Maria Isabel Soldevila Brea

Editor-in-Chief, Listín Diario

Study Plan: Journalism's social function in challenging business environments

Doug Tribou

Reporter and Producer, WBUR

Study Plan: Examining the complex intersection of sports, media and advertisement

Bernice Yeung

Reporter, The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR, Berkeley)

Study Plan: New data-gathering strategies for covering vulnerable communities