Walter Addiego

Drama and Film Critic, Editor (Home Scene), The San Francisco Examiner

Study Plan: The discipline of aesthetics in arts criticism

Diane Brozek

Medical and Health Reporter, The Hartford Courant

Study Plan: Ethics and enterprise in the regulation of technology

Christopher Cook

Assistant City Editor, The San Diego Union

Study Plan: Telecommunications advances and their impact on US and Western European society

Jon Entine

Field Producer, ABC News

Study Plan: Contrasts in working class consciousness between the US and Western Europe

Charles Fancher

Higher Education Reporter, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Study Plan: Problems for higher education and civil rights enforcement in a depressed US economy

Howard Goodman

Reporter, Statesman-Journal (Salem, OR)

Study Plan: The “anatomy” of beliefs as reflected in history, psychology, anthropology, art history, comparative religions and literature

Joy Krause

Reporter and Editor for Life/Style, The Milwaukee Journal

Study Plan: Urban aesthetics: interaction of architecture, planning and artistic expression on life in the city

Peggy Kuhr

Editorial Page Editor and Writer, Great Falls Tribune (Montana)

Study Plan: Problems of modern federalism, the state-federal-international relationship

John Lesar

Night Managing Editor, Midwest Division, United Press International

Study Plan: The social impact on the news media

Dwight Lewis

Reporter, The Tennessean (Nashville)

Study Plan: Linguistics and literature and the emergence of Africa as a Third-World influence

Vicki Sanders

Assistant Editor, The Miami Herald

Study Plan: Theater and dance in history, practice and theory

Charles Stafford

Washington Correspondent, St. Petersburg Times (Florida)

Study Plan: Development of a “welfare state” for business in America

Maidin Zainuddin

Editor, Utusan Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Study Plan: Race relations, American affairs and American foreign policy