Jamaal Abdul-Alim

Education Reporter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Study Plan: The impact of incentives on student achievement

Ali Adeeb Al Naemi

News Editor, The New York Times

Study Plan: Media coverage of the American enterprise in Iraq

Carol Ann Alaimo

Military Writer, Arizona Daily Star

Study Plan: Challenges facing the U.S. Military

Kevin Clemens

Editor at Large and Columnist, European Car Magazine

Study Plan: Solving America's automobile related transportation energy needs

Tracy Davis

Reporter, The Ann Arbor News

Study Plan: Globalization and world ecology

Steve Edwards

Host, WBEZ (Chicago)

Study Plan: How Latino immigrants reshape American politics, economics and culture

Miles Harvey

Freelance Writer, Outside Magazine

Study Plan: The missing link between men and apes

Colleen Kenney

Reporter, Lincoln Journal Star

Study Plan: Applying poetry techniques to narrative writing

Kate Linebaugh

Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Study Plan: Asia's wealth gap: capital, consumption and inequality

Telma Luzzani

Foreign Editor, Clarín (Buenos Aires)

Study Plan: International affairs

Matthew Moyer

Freelance Photographer, National Geographic

Study Plan: Documentary films and building a photo agency

Charles Partridge

Managing Editor, BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Study Plan: What does

Ronald Pereira Parsons

Assistant Managing Editor and Director of Production, Yahoo News

Study Plan: The role of automation and technology in the next generation of online journalism

Rochelle Riley

Columnist, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: How multimedia empires are built

Brad Schrade

Reporter, The Tennessean

Study Plan: The intersection of money and politics

Gonca Senay

Political Reporter, CNN Türk (Ankara)

Study Plan: Global energy policies

Sam Skolnik

Reporter, Las Vegas Sun

Study Plan: The rise of problem gambling in America

Kyoungho Suh

Staff Writer, Joongang Ilbo (Seoul)

Study Plan: A new approach on writing business stories

Patricia Whitehorne

Senoir Broadcaster, BBC

Study Plan: On-line social network sites

Ipek Yezdani

Reporter, Milliyet (Istanbul)

Study Plan: International affairs and their influences on Turkish policies