Jason Beaubien

Africa Correspondent, NPR

Study Plan: The intersection of the first and third worlds

Hilary Bowden

Duty Editor, BBC

Study Plan: User generated content

Anthony Brooks

Independent Correspondent, NPR

Study Plan: Urban strategies to deter youth violence

Gady Epstein

International Projects Reporter, The Baltimore Sun

Study Plan: The anthropology of dissent in authoritarian and former authoritarian states

Stephen Fennessy

Articles Editor, Atlanta Magazine

Study Plan: The ethics of rationing medicine

Yonette Joseph

Copy Editor/Style, The Washington Post

Study Plan: The impact of Hispanic immigration on black and small-town America

Dong-Seok Kim

Staff Writer, The Chosun Daily (Seoul)

Study Plan: Korean professional sports in crisis - searching for solutions

Barış Kuyucu

Sports News Editor and Anchor, CNN Türk (Istanbul)

Study Plan: Sports news and program management

Richard Lister

Reporter, BBC

Study Plan: Should the EU adopt the US Constitution?

James MacMillan

Senior Photographer and Photo Columnist, The Philadelphia Daily News

Study Plan: Post-traumatic stress disorder

Zack McMillin

Sports Writer, The Commerical Appeal (Memphis)

Study Plan: Sports in community mythology

Tetsu Okazaki

Staff Writer, Yomiuri Shimbun (Tokyo)

Study Plan: The Influence of American public policy on Japan

Nilay Örnek

News Editor, Milliyet (Istanbul)

Study Plan: News and media

Amy Resnick

Editor-in-Chief, The Bond Buyer

Study Plan: Politics, taxation and infrastructure

Linda Robertson

Sports Columnist, The Miami Herald

Study Plan: The emergence of an overweening culture of sports

Angela Shah

Special Writer, The Dallas Morning News

Study Plan: Street corner capitalism

Challen Stephens

Education Reporter, The Huntsville Times

Study Plan: Images of the American South

Taos Turner

Buenos Aires Correspondent, Dow Jones Newswire

Study Plan: The law and ethics of blogging

Kelly Zito

Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle

Study Plan: Water quality and scarcity issues in environmental politics