Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

Independent Journalist, The New York Times, The London Review of Books, and The Intercept

Study Plan: Secret Space: How Places Outside Nations Are Remaking Our World

María Arce

Multiplatform Director, El Vocero newspaper

Study Plan: Strengthening the Emergency Coverage Plans of Small Newsrooms in the Face of Disaster

Elaine Cromie

Photojournalist and documentary photographer, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, NPR, and The Atlantic

Study Plan: Shimanchu Digital Diaspora: Using Community-Driven Storytelling and Photography to Document Efforts to Save a Language from Extinction

Mary Cuddehe

Independent Journalist, Harper's Magazine, Columbia Journalism Review,

Study Plan: Exploring the Future of Medical Privacy in the Digital Age

Makeda Easter

Freelance Journalist and Adjunct Journalism Instructor, University of Southern California

Study Plan: The Art Rebellion: Telling the Stories of Artist-Activists Creating Change in Underreported Communities

Orlando de Guzman

Video journalist and filmmaker, The New York Times, Vice News, AI Jazeera, and Univision

Study Plan: Small Town Justice: Sheriffs, County Prosecutors and the Criminalization of the Poor in the Rural Midwest

Jarrad Henderson

Filmmaker, educator, storytelling coach, and visual journalist

Study Plan: Sync: Addressing Diversity In Visual Journalism Pipelines Through Mobile Training Solutions

Lindsay Kalter

Independent health journalist, The Washington Post, Business Insider, Boston Globe Magazine, Hour Detroit Magazine, and WebMD

Study Plan: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Abuse and Corruption in the Troubled-Teen Industry

Chris Marquette

Congressional ethics and accountability reporter, CQ Roll Call

Study Plan: Accountability in the U.S. Capitol Police

Meg Martin

Freelance editor, previously with Minnesota Public Radio

Study Plan: The Critical Middle: Supporting and Connecting Editors and Team Leaders to Reimagine Newsrooms

KyeongRak Min

Reporter, Yonhap News Agency

Study Plan: Exploring the Social Roots of Suicide and Loneliness in Modern Korea

Antoni Slodkowski

Tokyo Correspondent, Financial Times

Study Plan: Toward a Deeper Understanding: Refugee Stories Told in Their Own Words

Alexandra Talty

Multi-media journalist, The New York Times, The Guardian, Outside Magazine, and The Daily Beast

Study Plan: Advancing Coastlines: Can Marine Food Production Pivot Fast Enough for Climate Change?

Asadullah Timory

Independent Journalist, previously with The New York Times based in western Afghanistan

Study Plan: The Collapse of Press Freedoms in Afghanistan: What Awaits Displaced Afghan Journalists?

Masrat Zahra

Independent photojournalist and documentary photographer, Indian-administered Kashmir

Study Plan: Political Persecution of Minorities in India