Molly Ball

Political Reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Study Plan: Economic policy, government spending and taxation in Nevada: the effects of rapid population growth.

Franklyn Cater

Senior Producer, All Things Considered, NPR

Study Plan: The intersections of business, environment, urban planning and design

Lynette Clemetson

Managing Editor, (The Washington Post)

Study Plan: Reporting on families during the financial crisis

Tom Clynes

Contributing Editor, National Geographic Adventure

Study Plan: Global public health movement

Claudia Collucci

Health Reporter, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: The impact of science and technology on health care in developing countries

Wayne Drehs

Senior Writer,

Study Plan: Multimedia storytelling

Craig Gilbert

Washington Bureau Chief, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Study Plan: Shifts in rural voting patterns

Raviv Golan

Deputy Editor, Seven Nights - Yedioth Ahronoth (Tel Aviv)

Study Plan: Applying script writing tools to storytelling

Julio César Guzmán

Editor, Entertainment and Culture, El Tiempo (Bogotá)

Study Plan: Reality as it is seen through the web

Sabah Hamamou

Business Reporter, Al-Ahram (Cairo)

Study Plan: Economic reform and stability in the Middle East

David Hawkins

Asia Correspondent, Al Jazeera (Kuala Lumpur)

Study Plan: The effects of technology on journalism

Mariana Lajolo

Reporter, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: The impact of major sports events

Jill McGivering

Radio and TV Correspondent, BBC

Study Plan: The impact of militant radical Islamists on Pashtun women in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Elena Milashina

Editor, Special Projects, Novaya Gazeta (Moscow)

Study Plan: Local ethnic and religious conflicts in the North Caucasus

Tom Parfitt

Moscow Correspondent, The Guardian (UK)

Study Plan: International diplomacy and Georgia's breakaway regions

Shin-Hong Park

Political Editor, Joongang Ilbo (Seoul)

Study Plan: The changing diplomatic balance on the Korean Peninsula

Kyle Poplin

Executive Editor, Bluffton Today (SC)

Study Plan: Social networks and online communities

Lily Raff

Staff Writer, The Bulletin (Bend, OR)

Study Plan: The ethos of hunting

Susan Rucci

Contract Producer, Good Morning America, ABC News

Study Plan: Retirement prospects for Generation X

Carlos Sacchetto

Deputy Managing Editor and Chief of National Correspondents, Clarín (Buenos Aires)

Study Plan: The battle for credibility between the press and political power in Argentina

Valérie Samson

Editor/Reporter, Le Figaro (Paris)

Study Plan: How Barack Obama's web-based campaign changed American politics

Christina Samuels

Staff Writer, Education Week

Study Plan: Applying education research to the classroom

Roger Sawyer

Deputy Editor, BBC Radio

Study Plan: Reporting science in an accurate but inclusive and comprehensible manner

Brad Tyer

Managing Editor, Texas Observer

Study Plan: Environmental justice