Itai Anghel

Correspondent and Documentary Filmmaker, Israeli TV, Channel 2

Study Plan: Tribalism and the politics of fear in the Middle East following the Arab revolutions

Michelle Bloom

Senior Designer, Politico

Study Plan: Visual storytelling through social media

Seungjin Choi

Reporter, Maeil Business Newspaper (Seoul, South Korea)

Study Plan: Reshaping strategies for digital news distribution

Arnessa Garrett

Assistant Business Editor, The Dallas Morning News

Study Plan: Rebuilding trust with local audiences through digital strategy and engagement

Emilio Gutiérrez Soto

Press Freedom Fellow,

Study Plan: Issues related to safety and freedom of journalists

Sharilyn Hufford

Deputy Editor, Platforms, The New York Times

Study Plan: Creating high-impact news products and best practices for workflow

Anders Kelto

Creator and Senior Producer, “GameBreaker with Keith Olbermann,” Audible

Study Plan: The connection between sports and social movements

Fredrik Laurin

Special Projects Editor for Current Affairs, SVT (Swedish Television)

Study Plan: Exploring and developing tools to protect news content from digital manipulation

Catherine Mackie

Digital Video Lead, BBC News Online

Study Plan: The impact of class on news consumption and reconnecting with audiences

Seema Mehta

Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times

Study Plan: How automation will impact the economy and the 2020 presidential election

Aaron Nelsen

Rio Grande Valley Bureau Chief, San Antonio Express-News

Study Plan: The effect of militarization on communities along the U.S.-Mexico border

Daigo Oliva

Deputy Photo Editor, Folha de São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil)

Study Plan: New ways to publish image-driven narratives

Ben Penn

Labor and Employment Reporter, Bloomberg Law

Study Plan: The impermanent “future of work”

Rachel Rohr

Managing Editor and Managing Producer, The GroundTruth Project and GroundTruth podcast

Study Plan: New approaches to news and media literacy for teens and young adults

Stephen Ssenkaaba

Contributing Editor and Senior Features Writer, The New Vision Printing and Publishing Company (Kampala, Uganda)

Study Plan: Inclusive online news strategies for emerging news markets

Jawad Sukhanyar

Reporter, The New York Times (Kabul, Afghanistan)

Study Plan: Afghan women’s issues in the global context

Luis Trelles

Producer, Radio Ambulante

Study Plan: The politics of reconstruction in U.S. territories devastated by natural disasters

Neda Ulaby

Arts and Culture Correspondent, National Public Radio

Study Plan: A cultural history of the veil in world religions

AJ Vicens

Staff Reporter, Mother Jones

Study Plan: How artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and data shape modern society