Leyla Boulton

Moscow Correspondent, Financial Times

Study Plan: Theoretical underpinnings of public policy debates covered as a reporter in the former Soviet Union

Joonsuk Choi

Reporter, The Chosun Ilbo (Seoul)

Study Plan: US consumer affairs

Sergei Danilochkin

International News Editor, Moscow

Study Plan: Journalism Schools in the US and Russia

Ronald Fitten

Social Issues Reporter, The Seattle Times

Study Plan: How are riot-torn communities affected by the riots that struck each community?

Robert Frahm

Education Reporter, The Hartford Courant

Study Plan: Poverty and inequality in US schools

Katarzyna Jedrzejewska

Reporter, Rzeczpospolita (Warsaw)

Study Plan: Budgets and taxes

James Miles

Bejing Bureau Chief, BBC

Study Plan: Foreign policy and economic issues likely to relate to future development of the Chinese region

Krystyna Naszkowska

Columnist, Gazeta-Wyborcza (Warsaw)

Study Plan: Agriculture in the US and in Poland

Jay Peterzell

Investigative Reporter, TIME

Study Plan: Macroeconomics, international economics and international political theory

Donovan Reynolds

Executive Producer and Director, Michigan Public Radio and TV

Study Plan: Modern Anglo-American political history and philosophy

William Snyder

Senior Staff Photographer, The Dallas Morning News

Study Plan: Eastern European, Russian and African American history

Michele Stanush

Feature Writer, The Austin American-Statesman

Study Plan: Poverty issues in general study context

David Taylor

Managing Editor, Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine

Study Plan: How did cities reinvent themselves in the past and how can they do so in the future?

Natalya Timoshkina

Edputy Managing Editor, We (Moscow)

Study Plan: Leadership in newsrooms

Ulysses Torassa

Law Reporter, The Plain Dealer (Cleaveland)

Study Plan: Legal affairs and computers

Anastasia Toufexis

Associate Editor, TIME

Study Plan: Does crime news contribute to crime?

Michael Vitez

Staff Writer, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Study Plan: Short Stories and Writing

Barry Yeoman

Associate Editor, The Independent (Durham, NC)

Study Plan: The role of marginalized people in American society