• Lynette Clemetson
    Lynette Clemetson '10
    Director, Wallace House
    Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists and the Livingston Awards
    “When I talk about the benefits of the Fellowship, I’m speaking not just as the director, but as a former Fellow. After transitioning from traditional print reporting to digital strategy, having an academic year to take courses with MBA students and computer scientists was invaluable in helping me build new skills. The Fellowship allowed me to envision and create my future work leading cross-functional reporting teams and bring news skills to the newsroom.”
  • Liz McMillan
    Liz McMillan '98
    Editor, Chronicle of Higher Education
    “A journalism fellowship is not just a boon for the individual – it can have a ripple effect throughout the newsroom as a journalist returns with renewed enthusiasm, fresh eyes, and exposure to new thinking. Encourage your staff to apply and take advantage of what a fellowship will bring to your organization.”
  • Ellen Gabler
    Ellen Gabler
    2014 National Reporting Winner: Reporter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    Now: Investigative reporter, The New York Times
    “Receiving the Livingston Award was a powerful reminder of my responsibility to serve as a positive force in journalism and investigative reporting. By recognizing the work of young journalists, the Livingston Award highlights a reporter’s ability to create positive change, even at a young age. It also helps build confidence as we prepare to lead our profession into the future.”
  • David Remnick
    David Remnick
    1990 International Reporting Winner: Moscow correspondent, The Washington Post
    Now: Editor, The New Yorker
    “Not all awards have a clear meaning, but the Livingston does and it meant the world to me. To be recognized by the generation just ahead of you, and to know who had won the award before and where they had gone after was the best kind of encouragement anyone could get. More than ten years later I remain deeply grateful.”
  • Jo Becker
    Jo Becker
    1998 Local Reporting Winner: Suburban Government Reporter, St. Petersburg Times
    Now: Investigative reporter, The New York Times
    “Winning the Livingston Award ensured that my stories were noticed. It gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming an investigative reporter, and a leg up as I moved from the St. Petersburg Times to the Washington Post. Today, I am on the investigative staff of The New York Times, thanks in no small part to the recognition I got after receiving the award. ”
  • Laurent Richard
    Laurent Richard '17
    Investigative Reporter and Editor-in-Chief, Premières Lignes Télévision (Paris) and Founder, Freedom Voices Network
    “These eight months allowed me to realize the project of my dreams, to create a news organization that completes and publishes the work of journalists who have been murdered, arrested or censored. The Knight-Wallace Fellowship was magic for me. It opened doors to experts and resources and gave me the time to set up the Freedom Voices Network.”