• Ronan Farrow
    An award that brings important stories to light.
    Ronan Farrow
    2018 Livingston Award Winner
    Current Affiliation: Staff Writer, The New Yorker
    "Thanks to the Livingston Awards and the wonderful judges. All of you are standing up for this kind of reporting and reminding us when we go out on a limb as journalists there’s going to be a community that has our backs. Thank you for allowing these sources to speak. Thank you for allowing us to begin to change the culture. It was so overdue."
  • David Remnick
    An award that has special meaning in our community.
    David Remnick
    1990 International Reporting Winner: Moscow Correspondent, The Washington Post
    Current Affiliation: Editor, The New Yorker
    “Not all awards have a clear meaning, but the Livingston does and it meant the world to me. To be recognized by the generation just ahead of you, and to know who had won the award before and where they had gone after was the best kind of encouragement anyone could get. More than ten years later I remain deeply grateful.”
  • An award that recognizes the next generation.
    Evan Osnos
    2006 International Reporting Winner: Beijing Bureau Chief, Chicago Tribune
    Current Affiliation: Staff Writer, The New Yorker
    “The Livingston is unique in American journalism: the chance for those who have accomplished so much in the business they love to give the next generation a vote of confidence. The Livingston judges represent the top of the profession, but when they gather to celebrate the winners, the atmosphere is that of an extended family.”
  • Shareen Obaid Chinoy
    An award that changes your life.
    Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
    2004 International Reporting Winner: Reporter, Discovery Times Channel
    Now: Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, two-time Academy Award-winner
    “Receiving the Livingston Award was a life changing experience for me. I was honored for my second film, 'Reinventing the Taliban', and felt reaffirmed in my commitment to the fields of journalism and film and their ability to impact social change and promote critical thinking. It cemented my belief that one's background is irrelevant as long as they produce work of a high quality. I feel privileged to be in such esteemed company”
  • Michele Norris
    An award that validates your commitment to journalism.
    Michele Norris
    1989 Local Reporting Winner: Staff Writer, The Washington Post
    Current Affiliation: Curator of The Race Card Project
    “I was awarded a Livingston after spending weeks living in a crack house to examine the drug trade’s impact on young children. To have some of the journalists I admire most reward that work encouraged me to follow my instincts wherever they took me. The Livingston Award is so dear to my heart. It’s the one award I keep in my office always within my line of sight.”
  • Jo Becker
    An award that elevates your career.
    Jo Becker
    1998 Local Reporting Winner: Suburban Government Reporter, St. Petersburg Times
    Current Affiliation: Reporter, The New York Times
    “Winning the Livingston Award ensured that my stories were noticed. It gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming an investigative reporter, and a leg up as I moved from the St. Petersburg Times to the Washington Post. Today, I am on the investigative staff of The New York Times, thanks in no small part to the recognition I got after receiving the award. ”

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