Susan Ager

News-Feature and Lifestyle Reporter, The San Jose Mercury News

Study Plan: Problems of the aged

Barry Bearak

Staff Writer, The Miami Herald

Study Plan: International affairs with focus on Latin America

Thomas Bevier

Staff Writer, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Disenfranchisement in society

Nicolas Coleman

Reporter, Rochester Bureau, The Minneapolis Tribune

Study Plan: Religion – history, cultural and political

Bruce DeSilva

Medical Writer, The Providence Journal

Study Plan: Relations between medicine and law

John Fairhall

Reporter, The Sun Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Study Plan: National health insurance – history, philosophy, public health

Carole Halicki

Editorial Director, WRAU-TV (Peoria, IL)

Study Plan: Ancient Greece and modern parallels

Laurie Horn

Feature Writer, Broward Bureau, The Miami Herald

Study Plan: The dance and neighbor arts; socio-cultural history of 19th century Europe

Gerald Kato

Staff Writer, The Honolulu Advertiser

Study Plan: American history, Constitutional law and political science

Toby McIntosh

Reporter, Bureau of National Affairs (Washington, D.C.)

Study Plan: Social responsibilities of corporations

Richard Nadolski

Reporter, The Springfield Morning Union and Sunday Republican (Massachusetts)

Study Plan: Future prospects of man’s spiritual nature

Steven Small

Editor of Photography, The Columbian (Vancouver, WA)

Study Plan: The Soviet Union and its people

Jerry Telfer

News Photographer, The San Francisco Chronicle

Study Plan: Asian studies with relation to America’s newest minority