Brian Akre

Auto Writer, The Associated Press

Study Plan: The future of transportation in the developed world

Emilia Askari

Freelance Writer,

Study Plan: Global Warming and the transportation industry

Karl Leif Bates

Science Writer, The Detroit News

Study Plan: Genetic Research

Frank Cammuso

Editorial Cartoonist, Syracuse Newspapers

Study Plan: Politics and culture

Thomas A. Grant

Reporter, KREM-2 News (Spokane)

Study Plan: Business, disenfranchised Americans

Eric Harrison

Atlanta Bureau Chief, Los Angeles Times

Study Plan: Create and send cartoons via internet

Karen Hosler

Congressional Correspondent, The Baltimore Sun

Study Plan: Baby boom impact on financial markets

Michael Knisley

Senior Writer, The Sporting News

Study Plan: Sports and Nationalism

Barbara Koster

Producer, Good Morning America, ABC News

Study Plan: Low socio-economic status in children and their ability to succeed

Key-dong Lee

Deputy Foreign Editor, Seoul Daily News

Study Plan: Reporting American Policy towards Asia and about United Nations

Mary Lockhart

Producer, Dateline, NBC News

Study Plan: Law and society

Jan Machecek

Editor, Weekly Respect (Prague)

Study Plan: Macroeconmics, finance, international trade and investigative reporting

Liz McMillen

Senior Editor, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Study Plan: Culture Wars/Journalism and Academy

Sanja Modric

Editor-in-Chief, Tjednik (Zagreb)

Study Plan: The state of the media in Croatia

Daniel Popkey

Columnist, The Idaho Statesman

Study Plan: The role of journalism in the formation of public policy

Elaine Widner

Editor, CNN International

Study Plan: Craft of life/art of survival

Jie Wu

Producer, CNBC (Shanghai)

Study Plan: Foreign trade of multi-mode economics and stock economics