KWF Stories


To commemorate 50 years of the fellowship program, we collected stories from our alumni about their fellowship memories. Listen to them here.

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KWF Stories

Lester Feder ’21 and Mya Frazier ’21

The uniqueness of the remote fellowship

Catherine Mackie ’19 and her spouse, Phil Mackie

Fellowship travel to Brazil, Overlook Farm and speaking at graduation

Shai Gal ’13 and Kate Brooks ’13

Unexpected friendships, a directorial debut and a Netflix film

Danya Bacchus ’16 and Matthew Shaw ’16

Building confidence and finding yourself through the Fellowship

Merrill Goozner ’96 and his spouse, Karen Goozner

The journey to Ann Arbor, with its obstacles and rewards

Geoff Larcom ’09 and Kim Kozlowski ’09

Fellowship travel to Russia and an encounter with history

Amy Maestas ’17 and Sonya Nicole Green ’17

Remembering classmate Jin Kim (1981-2017)

Dharmalingam (Ignasious Selliah) ‘04 and his daughter, Kavya Yoganathan

First encounter with snow

Dwight Lewis ’82 and Vicki Sanders ’82

Graham Hovey, Margaret DeMuth and the tap day phone call

Robert Yoon ’18 and Azi Paybarah ’18

Fellowship travel to the DMZ

Lynette Clemetson ’10 and Charles Eisendrath ’75

Wallace House directors reminisce.

Henry Goldman ’90

Two decades later, continuing fellowship work with a book project

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A good rule of thumb is having the phone’s microphone about 5–7 inches from your mouth.

Answer the following in full sentences.

Introduce yourself with your name and identify the name and year of your fellowship. Ex. “My name is Jane Smith, and I was a Knight-Wallace Fellow in 2009-2010.”

Is there a particular memory or story from your fellowship year that stands out to you? Why has it stuck with you?

When the interview is over, stop the recording.

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