Jeffrey Daniels

Environment and Transportation Reporter, The Hartford Times

Study Plan: Economic, regulatory, political and social backgrounds on problems of environment and transportation

Charles Gibson

Reporter and Anchor, WMAL-TV (Washington, D.C.)

Study Plan: Political and legal aspects of the American city, American drama

Richard Hughes

Detroit Bureau chief, United Press International

Study Plan: Political thought and behavior, American drama and the Native American

James Ingram

Radio Commentator and Columnist-Reporter, WCHB Radio, Black Audio Network and The Michigan Chronicle (Detroit)

Study Plan: Afro-American literature, play writing and art of the film

Gerald Keir

Political Editor, The Honolulu Advertiser

Study Plan: Political thought and voter behavior, philosophy and art history

Kenneth Lam

Senior Information Officer, Government Information Services (Hongkong, B.C.C.)

Study Plan: Role of mass media in society, management-union relations

Robert  Martin

Arts Critic, Tampa Times

Study Plan: Modern art and Greek mythology

John Needham

New Jersey Bureau Chief, United Press International

Study Plan: Chinese language, history and culture

Peter Osnos

Staff Writer, The Washington Post

Study Plan: Russian language and Communist affairs

Scott Payne

Managing Editor, The Norton Examiner (Muskegon, MI)

Study Plan: American history and political thought

James Russell

Reporter, NPR

Study Plan: Black and social movements, American political processes, U.S. history

Tribuana Said

Managing Editor, Merdeka (Jakarta)

Study Plan: Problems of developing nations, Southeast Asian societies

Ali Sajjad

Sub-editor, Associated Press of Pakistan

Study Plan: Comparative foreign policies, comparative world journalism

Thomas Wilson

Executive Editor, The Republican-Courier (Findlay, OH)

Study Plan: Economic development, relationships between the United States and developing nations, history of mass communications

John Woodruff

Hongkong Bureau Chief, The Baltimore Sun

Study Plan: Japanese language, politics and culture, urban economics