David Crumm

Religion Writer, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Understanding religious life

David Edmonds

Current Affairs Editor, BBC

Study Plan: German history and film studies

Matthew Eisley

Legal Affairs Reporter, The News & Observer (Raleigh)

Study Plan: The public's right of access to the courts

Sharon Emery

Assistant News Editor, Booth Newspapers (Lansing, MI)

Study Plan: The value of limits: disability in a culture of unlimited possibilities

Robin Farmer

Investigative Journalist, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Study Plan: Non-traditional teaching strategies for urban students

Michelle Genece

Producer, ABC News

Study Plan: The digital divide: new socioeconomic challenges

Margaret Hernandez

Editorial Writer, The Arizona Daily Star

Study Plan: Methods of improving Hispanic education

Jane Holligan

Managing Editor, Peru Monitor

Study Plan: International business and economics

Deborah Horan

Middle East Correspondent, Houston Chronicle

Study Plan: The ability of satellite TV to effect political and social change on Arab media

Dalen Jacomino

Editor, Editora Abril (São Paulo)

Study Plan:

Marzio Mian

Staff Writer, Il Corriere Della Sera (Milan)

Study Plan: European and world politics

Javed Nazir

Joint Editor, Frontier Post (Lahore)

Study Plan: Minority populations in third world countries

Michael Oneal

Executive Editor, Smartmoney.com

Study Plan: 19th century intellectual history and non-fiction narrative

Carlos Prieto

Sports Reporter, Clarín (Buenos Aires)

Study Plan: Digital technology

Todd Richmond

Reporter and Editor, The Associated Press

Study Plan: Racism in criminal justice

Daehon Song

Director/Producer, SBS-TV (Seoul)

Study Plan: American society and culture through TV and news magazines

Maurice Walsh

News Editor, World Service News, BBC

Study Plan: The Irish War of Independence

Brad Wernle

Foreign Correspondent, Automotive News Europe

Study Plan: Trends in mass transit

John R. Williams

Senior Reporter, The News & Observer (Raleigh)

Study Plan: Impact of globalization on the American farmer