Dayo Aiyetan

Executive Director, International Center for Investigative Reporting (Abuja, Nigeria)

Study Plan: Advancing best practices for whistle blowing platforms to support investigative reporting in Nigeria

Alberto Arce

Independent Writer and Reporter (Mexico City, Mexico) ,

Study Plan: Understanding Central America as the world’s deadliest peacetime region

Regina H. Boone

Staff Photographer, Richmond Free Press (Richmond, Va.)

Study Plan: Family, legacy and the viability of black newspapers

Candice Choi

Food Industry Writer, Associated Press (New York, N.Y.)

Study Plan: Uncovering the social and corporate forces that shape our eating habits

Chitrangada Choudhury

Independent Journalist (Orissa, India),

Study Plan: Local rights and the role of informed consent in ecological justice and sustainability

Danielle Dreilinger

Reporter, Times Picayune (New Orleans, La.)

Study Plan: Race, class, gender and the present relevance of home economics class

Jennifer Guerra

Senior Reporter, Michigan Radio (Ann Arbor, Mich.)

Study Plan: The role and responsibility of public media in fostering civil discourse

Matthew Higgins

Independent Sports Writer (Amherst, N.Y.),

Study Plan: Examining the interplay between soccer, status and identity among young refugees

Mark Magnier

China Economics Editor, The Wall Street Journal (Beijing, China)

Study Plan: Anti-globalization and what it means for China’s expanding soft power

Marcelo Moreira

Chief of Special Projects, Globo TV (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Study Plan: New approaches to ending violence against journalists

Sang-hun Oh

Senior Reporter, The Korea Economic Daily (Seoul, South Korea)

Study Plan: Pension funds and university funds: investments trends in the U.S.

Lois Parshley

Independent Writer and Photographer (Portland, Ore.),

Study Plan: Emerging diseases and new approaches to long-form science journalism

Azi Paybarah

Senior Reporter, Politico (New York, N.Y.)

Study Plan: Reaching beyond natural audiences: Rebuilding media credibility through technology

John Pendygraft

Senior Photographer, Tampa Bay Times (Tampa Bay, Fla.)

Study Plan: Elevating investigative journalism projects through techniques of anthropology and feature length filmmaking

John Shields

Commissioning Editor, “Today” at BBC Radio 4 (London, England)

Study Plan: Addressing and mitigating the loss of public trust in broadcast media

Amy Toensing

Independent Photojournalist (New Paltz, N.Y.),

Study Plan: New ways to teach and tell stories of women through photos and documentaries

Mariana Versolato

Science and Health Editor, Folha de São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil)

Study Plan: New models to organize and present science and health news

Lisa Wangsness

Religion Reporter, The Boston Globe (Boston, Mass.)

Study Plan: Emergent cultural and political issues in American Muslim communities

Robert Yoon

Director of Political Research, CNN (Washington, D.C.)

Study Plan: Revamping how news organizations collect and disseminate election results and data