Gregory Anderson

Editorial Director, Yahoo

Study Plan: Long-form journalism and digital storytelling

Divya Arya

Correspondent, India, BBC

Study Plan: Reporting sexual violence in India

Ali ihsan Aydin

Head, Euronews Turkish, France

Study Plan: Designing a digital-native newsroom

Jason Fagone

Freelance Writer and Author, Wired, GQ Magazine, Men's Journal, New

Study Plan: The future of urban mobility

Kim Gamel

Foreign Correspondent and News Editor, The Associated Press, Cairo

Study Plan: Digital journalism training models

Eduardo Augusto Geraque

Reporter, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: Unsustainable cities

Samantha Henry

Multimedia Reporter, The Associated Press

Study Plan: Attracting immigrant entrepreneurs to revitalize cities

Tracy Jan

Reporter, The Boston Globe (Washington)

Study Plan: Morality and money in medicine

Larry Lage

Sports Writer, The Associated Press (Michigan)

Study Plan: Creating a platform to give deaf people access to media

Jason Margolis

Reporter, PRI's

Study Plan: Infrastructure innovations to deal with climate change

Helen Maynard

Weekend Manager, NewsOne, ABC News

Study Plan: Adjusting metro reporting to population loss

Gerry Mullany

Asia Editor,

Study Plan: Asian history and culture

Maria Natalia Ortega

Editorial Director, Carvajal Información (Bogota)

Study Plan: Vertical publications: opportunities for Latin American journalism

Hae-young Park

Industry Reporter, The Korea Economic Daily

Study Plan: America's manufacturing renaissance

Sergio Rangel

Senior Sports Journalist, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: Betting and match-fixing in sports

Steffanie Riess

Producer and Reporter, ZDF (German TV, based in Washington)

Study Plan: Understanding trends in media consumption

Eric M. Strauss

Producer, 20/20, ABC News

Study Plan: Giving voice to the voiceless through digital storytelling

Abbie Fentress Swanson

Reporter, Harvest Public Media, and KBIA Radio (Missouri)

Study Plan: More meat: environmental impacts of growing global demand

Robert Wildeboer

Criminal and Legal Affairs Reporter, WBEZ (Chicago)

Study Plan: American criminal justice and science

Joanne Will

Freelance Writer and Columnist, The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Study Plan: The responsibilities of fossil-fuel exporting jurisdictions