Kenneth Dalecki

Washington Correspondent, Thomson Newspapers

Study Plan: Problems of government and its role – political science, philosophy, economics, law

Brian Flanigan

News Reporter, The Michigan Chronicle

Study Plan: Law and social psychology in relation to cities

Dezso Futasz

Staff Editor, Magya Nemzet (Budapest)

Study Plan: American history and politics of the late 1940’s and 1950’s

Larry D. Hatfield

Reporter, The San Francisco Examiner

Study Plan: Latin America - history, politics and economics

Allen Hundley

Assistant Director, Specialized Audience Programs, NPR

Study Plan: Philosophy of science, psychology of religion, traditional belief systems of Asia

Richard Lutz

Executive Producer, WQED (Pittsburgh, PA)

Study Plan: Public policy, value systems, quality of life

Anne Stanaway

Producer, WITF-TV (Hershey, PA)

Study Plan: American studies philosophy, literature, anthropology

John Stark

Assistant City Editor, El Paso Times

Study Plan: Culture and history of Mixico

Robert Swann

Chief Copy Editor, Baltimore News-American

Study Plan: Urban studies, social and economic problems of American life

Ronald Taylor

Environmental Reporter, Bureau of National Affairs (Washington, D.C.)

Study Plan: Natural resources development

George Waldman

Staff Photographer, The Detroit News

Study Plan: Urban affairs - history and culture

Kenneth Winter

Assistant General Manager, Petoskey News-Review (Michigan)

Study Plan: Relations between press and government – history and law

Anthony Wood

Reporter, United Press International (Philadelphia, PA)

Study Plan: Latin America – history, politics and economics