Nak-Cheon Baek

Economics Reporter, Korean Broadcasting System (Seoul)

Study Plan: Comparative study of US and Korean broadcasting systems, world energy problems

Allegra Bennett

Courts Reporter, The Baltimore Sun

Study Plan: Constitutional law, trends in the law, English literature

Alan Berlow

Defense Correspondent , NPR

Study Plan: American diplomatic history, sources of armed conflict, and East-West relations

Stephen Franklin

Investigative Reporter, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: The impact of change as recorded in history and measured by the social sciences

George Graves

Associate Editor, The Louisville Times

Study Plan: The rise and decline of industrial America, history, economics

John Manalili

Editor and News Editor, The Republic News and DYBU-FM (Philippines)

Study Plan: Libel law, use of survey research, photojournalism and newspaper management

Eleanor (Ellie) McGrath

Education Editor, TIME Magazine

Study Plan: Human behavior, the learning process, creative writin

Lawrence Millett

Architectural and Urban Development Reporter, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Study Plan: Architectural history and evaluation, urban planning and financing

Itabari Njeri

Feature Writer, The Miami Herald

Study Plan: Social history, Western political thought, the relationship between the arts and their social contexts

Stacey Parkins

Producer, WITF-TV (Harrisburg, PA)

Study Plan: American history and law, with emphasis on the development of intellectual thought and the treatment of minorities

Deborah Saul

Reporter, Monroe Evening News (Michigan)

Study Plan: Culture-shaping forces in the American society; history, sociology, psychology, comparative religion

Dianne Selditch

Editor for the Florida Magazine, The Orlando Sentinel

Study Plan: Optimism in the American character, as reflected in history, literature and the motion picture