Assia Boundaoui

Documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist, WGBH, BBC, Al Jazeera, VICE and CNN

Study Plan: Redacted Stories: Re-examining FBI Surveillance Records of a Muslim-American Community

Nichole Dobo

Writer and Senior Editor for Audience Engagement, The Hechinger Report

Study Plan: A Reckoning: Higher Education and Rural America

Daphne Duret

Investigative reporter, USA Today

Study Plan: Breaking Silence: The Plight of the Police Whistleblower

Jose Fermoso

Contributing Senior Reporter, The Oaklandside

Study Plan: Oakland’s Deadly Roadways: Reckoning with Inequities in Urban Design

Andrea González-Ramírez

Independent journalist, The Cut, The Lily, GEN, and Refinery29

Study Plan: A Watershed Moment for Addressing Sexual Violence in the U.S. Military

Erika Hayasaki

Independent journalist, The New York Times Magazine, Wired, The Atlantic

Study Plan: History, Hate Crimes and Police Brutality: A Tale of Black and Asian American Lives in Two Cities

Jaeah Lee

Independent journalist, The California Sunday Magazine, Vice News, Topic, Columbia Journalism Review, and Mother Jones

Study Plan: Medical Fact vs. Fiction in Fatal Police Encounters

Surya Mattu

Investigative Data Journalist and Senior Data Engineer, The Markup

Study Plan: Investigating How Smartphone Apps Are Used to Track Us

Simon Ostrovsky

Special Correspondent, PBS NewsHour

Study Plan: Modern Mythology: How Disinformation Bends Reality and How to Stop It

Elizabeth Scheltens

Senior Editorial Producer, Vox Media

Study Plan: Climate Resilience in the Great Lakes Region

Kat Stafford

National Investigative Writer, Race and Ethnicity, The Associated Press

Study Plan: From Birth to Death: How Generations of Black Americans Have Faced a Lifetime of Disparities