Petra Bartosiewicz

Freelance Writer, Harper's, LA Magazine, The New York Times

Study Plan: The institutionalization of the War on Terror

Jenny Baxter

Head of Production, BBC News

Study Plan: How can large news organizations adapt for the ongoing digital media revolution?

Martin Bidegaray

Business Reporter, Clarín (Buenos Aires)

Study Plan: Families and the newspapers they own

Sylvia Colomgo

Buenos Aires Correpsondent, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: The final years of the Brazilian monarchy

Patrick Coolican

Columnist, Las Vegas Sun

Study Plan: Sports and gambling

Ilja Herb

Freelance Photographer, National Geographic (DE), Canadian Geographic

Study Plan: Enbridge and its transport of bitumen and documentary filming

Laura Holson

Staff Writer, The New York Times

Study Plan: Creation and promotion of digital storytelling

Michael Innes

Senior Journalist, BBC World Service

Study Plan: The use of Syrian citizen journalists by international media outlets

Si-haeng Jeong

Staff Writer, World News Desk, Chosun Ilbo (Seoul)

Study Plan: Women's leadership in Korea and international politics

Bonney Kapp

Producer, CBS News

Study Plan: The impact of the proliferation of news outlets on presidential politics

Ruhullah Khapalwak

Freelance Correspondent, CNN, The New York Times, Al Jazeera English

Study Plan: The effects of the digital revolution on journalism in the developing world

Louisa Lim

Beijing Correspondent, NPR

Study Plan: China’s post-Tiananmen political development: can its political system survive?

Curt Nickisch

Reporter, WBUR (Boston)

Study Plan: Can technological education stop displacing American middle-class jobs?

Marcia Pledger

Columnist, (Cleveland)

Study Plan: Business etiquette

Cynthia Rodriguez

Reporter, WNYC (New York)

Study Plan: The connection between poverty and mental illness in the US and abroad

Megha Satyanarayana

Reporter, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Genetically modified foods: the fact and fiction of what we eat

Toni Sciaretta

Senior Financial Journalist, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: Brazil's financial infrastructure

Laura Starecheski

Radio Producer, State of the Re-Union

Study Plan: American perpetrators and media coverage of violence

Alex Stone

Freelance Writer and Author, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR

Study Plan: The science of addiction

Scott Tong

Correspondent, Marketplace, American Public Radio

Study Plan: Comparative innovation eco-systems and innovation history in China

James Wellford

Photo Editor, Newsweek

Study Plan: A news platform focused on words and experiences of photojournalists