Henry Allen

Staff Writer, The Washington Post

Study Plan: Male identity in our society – anthropology, sociology, psychology, cultural values

Morris Ambrose

Assistant City Editor, Knickerbocker News (Albany, NY)

Study Plan: American history, political philosophy and theory

Frank Coakley

MAnaging Editor, The Evanston Review (IL)

Study Plan: Law

Maryanne Conheim

Staff Writer, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Urban aesthetics and culture, art history, architecture and urban planning

Lawrence DeVine

Drama Critic, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Culture of the theatre – history, literature, and productions

Kelwin Gilbert

Environment and Energy Reporter, The Evening Sun (Baltimore)

Study Plan: Problems of the environment – federal laws; history, philosophy, political theory

Peter Hahn

Foreign Affairs Editor, Magyar (Budapest)

Study Plan: International relations, political science and the American press

Lawrence Johnson

Music and Arts Writer, The Milwaukee Sentinel

Study Plan: Music, aesthetic philosophy, twentieth-century drama

Tim Klass

Reporter, The Associated Press

Study Plan: Law, problems of education, art history, music, fiction and poetry

Tom Korzeniowski

Reporter, WJBK-TV (Detroit, MI)

Study Plan: American studies – Black studies, history of the labor movement American social philosophy

Wesley Pippert

Reporter, United Press International

Study Plan: Moral aspects of the public issues – ethics, political theory, development of religion in the United States

Calvin Wasson

Reporter, KAIT-TV (Jonesboro, AK)

Study Plan: Non-urban educational systems, rural sociology and religion