Bernard Cohen

Reporter, The Associated Press

Study Plan: Urban studies, urban politics and culture, American History

John Collier

Photographer, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Art History, anthropology, communication process and theory

Patrick Cullen

Environment Writer, The Palm Beach Post (Florida)

Study Plan: Philosophy and ethics, problems of the environment

Glenn Dromgoole

Editorial Writer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas)

Study Plan: Philosophy, history, and comparative religion

Claudienne Edwards

Reporter and Editor, Gleaner Company (Kingston, Jamaica)

Study Plan: American politics, literature and philosophy

Charles Eisendrath

Correspondent, TIME Magazine

Study Plan: Problems of international ecological cooperation

Frances Glennon

Assistant Editor, TIME, Inc.

Study Plan: Art, drama, philosophy

Eldon Knoche

Investigative Reporter, Delaware County Daily Times (Chester, PA)

Study Plan: Constitutional law, criminal law, American history

June Kronholz

Reporter, The Miami Herald

Study Plan: American judicial system- criminal and constitutional law, first amendment and libel

Thomas Nugent

Writer, Key West, Florida

Study Plan: American culture-history, the novel, folklore, music, film, sociology of rural American

Alvin Sanoff

Editorial Page Editor, Dayton Journal Herald (Ohio)

Study Plan: American history, social and political theory and philosophy

Samuel Sperry

Staff Reporter, The Seattle Times

Study Plan: History, literature and philosophy

Lars Sunnan

News Editor, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Oslo)

Study Plan: International environment and American culture

Charles  Wolfson

Associate Producer, CBS News

Study Plan: American political and business history and ethics