Jennifer Babson

Keys Bureau Chief, The Miami Herald

Study Plan: Diaspora, identity and community in Latin America

Mehmet Yavuz Baydar

Ombudsman, Milliyet (Istanbul)

Study Plan: Islam and democracy in the Arabic world

Eve Conant

Moscow Correspondent, Newsweek

Study Plan: Radioactive and chemical pollution in developing countries

Rob Daumeyer

Editor, Cincinnati Business Courier

Study Plan: Race and inner city economics

Nancy Derringer

Columnist/Reporter, The News-Sentinel (Fort Wayne)

Study Plan: Old media, new media and an informed public

Adi Gold

Editor, Seven Days (Tel Aviv)

Study Plan: Script writing

Vahe Gregorian

Reporter, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Study Plan: History and demise of sportsmanship

Jung-mi Hwang

Reporter, The Segye Times (Seoul)

Study Plan: Public opinion and the policy decision process

L'Tanya Joyner

Business Writer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Study Plan: 9/11 and the sense of loss

Salwa Kanaana

Correspondent/Web Editor, Al-Quds Al-Arabi (London)

Study Plan: Press freedom and political stability in the Arab world

Holly Kurtz

Education Reporter, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)

Study Plan: Bilingual education

Dharma Lingham


Study Plan: The media of the oppressed

Mary Losure

Environmental Reporter, Minnesota Public Radio

Study Plan: International environmental issues

Chris Lydgate

Assistant News Editor, Willamette Week (Portland)

Study Plan: Emerging diseases and syndromes

Pam O'Toole

Reporter, BBC

Study Plan: Migration and asylum

Vince Patton

Environmental Reporter, KGW-TV (Portland)

Study Plan: Native Americans and environmental law

Matilde Sánchez

, Clarín

Study Plan: Mental illness

Fatih Türkmenoğlu

Producer, CNN Türk (Istanbul)

Study Plan: Psychology and literature

Jay Weiss

Producer, Nightline, ABC News

Study Plan: American foreign policy and international law

Andrew Whitehead

Editor, The World Today, BBC

Study Plan: Origins of the Kashmir crisis in 1947