Carol Aloysius

Reporter and Feature Writer, Associated Newspapers of Ceylon (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Study Plan: Linguistics, modern literature, archaeology, American television

Steven Brandt

Agriculture Reporter, Minneapolis Star and Tribune

Study Plan: America’s agrarian heritage and its impact on history, literature and the arts

Fred Brown

Feature Writer, Memphis Press-Scimitar

Study Plan: Anthropology, natural history, history and world religions

Kenneth Franckling

Bureau Manager, United Press International (Providence, RI)

Study Plan: The interrelationship between twentieth-century American politics and culture and the arts

Qing Huang

Page Editor for Life/People, China Daily (Beijing)

Study Plan: Art criticism, economics, sociology and United States foreign policy

Thomas Hundley

Staff Writer, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Islamic and Arabic history, art and literature

Jo Imlay

Staff Writer, The Herald (Everett, WA)

Study Plan: The impact of technology and recession on American social values and institutions

Danilo-Luis Mariano

Staff Writer, Observer Magazine (Philippines)

Study Plan: Political philosophy, popular movements and their impact on traditional political and social institutions

Antoinette Martin

Political and Governmental Reporter, The Hartford Courant

Study Plan: Personality development and the impact of personality on political power, public policy and society

Thomas Meersman

Reporter and Producer, Minnesota Public Radio

Study Plan: Diplomatic history, international and regional interdependence, management of natural resources

Choong-gu Nahm

Editorial Board Member, The Oriental Daily News (Seoul)

Study Plan: History of American journalism, press ethics, press-related legislation, the adversarial relationship between press and government

George Rede

State Government Reporter, Statesman-Journal (Salem, OR)

Study Plan: American history, literature, sociology, ethnic studies

Thomas Rogers

Reporter and Feature Writer, USA Today and The Tennessean (Nashville)

Study Plan: Modern American literature and the varying American attitudes toward nature

Murry Sill

Staff Photographer, The Miami Herald

Study Plan: Anthropology, art history, Hispanic American history, culture and literature, the appeal of Marxism-Leninism in the Third World

Donna Wiench

Reporter and Producer, KOIN-TV (Portland, OR)

Study Plan: Asian studies and the “New Age” evolving from rapid technological, economic and social change

Ted Williamson

Assistant News Editor, The Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ)

Study Plan: Latin American history, art and literature and Chicano culture in the United States