John Bacon

Freelance Writer and Author, ESPN Magazine, Fortune, The New York Times

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Vanessa Bauza

Havana Bureau Chief, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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Jamie Butters

Business and Auto Industry Reporter, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: China's economic transition from communism to capitalism

Christopher Carey

Business Reporter, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Charles Clover

Middle East and Africa Page Editor, The Financial Times

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Gail Gibson

National Correspondent, The Baltimore Sun

Study Plan: The Supreme Court and free speech in wartime America

Vindu Goel

Business Editor, San Jose Mercury News

Study Plan: The impact of religion on politics

Graham Griffith

Senior Producer, WBUR (Boston)

Study Plan: The impact of the 1994 republican revolution ten years later

Thomas Kamilindi

Freelance Journalist, Kigali, Rwanda

Study Plan: Hate media and its impact

Min-Ah Kim

Deputy Editor, The Kyunghyang Daily News (Seoul)

Study Plan: Women Leaders in Korea and the United States

Drew Lindsay

Features Editor, The Washingtonian

Study Plan: Education and the

Tony Norman

Columnist and Associate Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Study Plan: Rumor, religion and reform in the African-American experience

Semiha Öztürk

Reporter , CNN Türk (Istanbul)

Study Plan: The impact of EU - U.S. relations on Turkey

Lisa Rapaport

Reporter, The Sacramento Bee

Study Plan: The business of healthcare for immigrants and the uninsured

Gerard Ryle

Investigations Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald

Study Plan: The business of the human body and the trade in body parts

Stephen Titherington

Editor, BBC World Service News

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Luis Vinker

Executive Editor, La Razón (Buenos Aires)

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Fara Warner

Freelance Writer and Author, Fast Company, The New York Times

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