Clurman Award

2019 Clurman Award


Honoring Mentors in Journalism

The Livingston Awards, a program honoring journalists under the age of 35, recognizes that every young journalist succeeds with the guidance and support of an experienced journalist. The Richard M. Clurman Award honors these on-the-job mentors who stand out for nurturing, critiquing and inspiring young journalists. Through their commitment, these individuals make a vital contribution to fostering excellence in journalism. The Clurman Award stands alongside the Livingston Awards in bolstering the work of young journalists and developing the next generation of reporters and newsroom leaders. Named for Richard M. Clurman, an editor at Time from 1948 to 1972 and architect of the Livingston Awards program, the Clurman Award is presented at the annual Livingston Awards luncheon each June.


The Richard M. Clurman Legacy

Richard M. Clurman
Richard M. Clurman

In the life of every successful journalist, there is a special colleague who goes above and beyond to advise, critique, applaud and inspire. Richard M. Clurman was such a person. His career at Time included a post as chief of correspondents and head of the Time-Life News Service. Throughout the 1960s, Clurman oversaw a staff of 105 reporters stationed around the globe.

Always passionate about elevating the work of young journalists, Clurman helped Mollie Parnis Livingston to envision and establish the Livingston Awards and became a founding member of the Mollie Parnis Livingston Foundation’s board. Following Clurman’s passing in 1996, the Livingston Awards board and panel of judges elected to memorialize his legacy, creating a new award for journalists in his honor: the Richard M. Clurman Award for mentors in journalism.


Current and Past Award Recipients

The 2018 Richard M. Clurman Award was presented to Walt Mossberg, creator of the personal technology column for The Wall Street Journal and co-founder of Recode and the Code Conferences, for his commitment to fostering the careers of numerous technology reporters. Since the award’s inception, Clurman Award recipients have included journalists such as Tom Brokaw, Judy Woodruff, Gwen Ifill, and Paul Steiger, to name a few. Learn more about past winners here.