David Ashenfelter

Investigative Reporter, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Newsroom management and human relations

Sung-Hyo Chang

Economics and Business News Reporter, Joong-Ang Daily News (Seoul)

Study Plan: The economic relationship between Korea and the United States

Benjamin Davis

Executive Producer, National Public Radio

Study Plan: International relations

Kyoko  Gasha Shimizu

Economics Reporter, Chanel 12-TV (Tokyo)

Study Plan: American volunteer spirit

Lakshman Gunasekara

Deputy Features Editor/Columnist, The Island (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Study Plan: Social anthropology, mass communication and political science

Joanne Jacobs

Columnist and Editorial Writer, San Jose Mercury News

Study Plan: Intellectual history

Holman Jenkins, Jr.

Staff Writer, Insight Magazine

Study Plan: The economics of Sub-Saharan Africa

Veronica Jennings

Staff Writer, The Washington Post

Study Plan: Criminal law and the U.S. court system

Rebecca Kolberg

MEdical Reporter, United Press International

Study Plan: Human genetics

Camilo Lourenco

Editor and Main Staff Reporter, Proinfec, LDA (Lisbon)

Study Plan: The influence of the central bank on inflation in developed countries

Susan Manuel

Staff Writer, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Study Plan: Middle East politics

Marcelo Mendonca

Special Reporter, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: International relations

David Postman

Capital Reporter, Anchorage Daily News

Study Plan: The settlement of the American West

Ivan Roman

Reporter, El Nuevo Herald (Miami)

Study Plan: Latin American economics and trade

Helen White

Reporter, Asian Wall Street Journal

Study Plan: The new world economic order

Don Williams

Columnist and Feature Writer, Knoxville News-Sentinel

Study Plan: Environmental issues and alternative economic strategies for underdeveloped regions of the United States

Marco della Cava

Feature Writer, USA Today

Study Plan: The history of racial strife in America