Barbara Abel

Reporter, Milwaukee Journal

Study Plan: American cultural and intellectual history; comparative world institutions

William Buzenberg

City Editor, Colorado Springs Sun

Study Plan: World politics, laws and international organizations

Stephen Cain

Staff Writer, The Detroit News

Study Plan: Structure of contemporary American society – cultural anthropology, history and philosophy

Michael Clary

Reporter, Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio)

Study Plan: The traditional work ethic – history, sociology, philosophy, psychology and contemporary literature

Kevin Lowther

Editorial Page Editor, Keene Sentinel (New Hampshire)

Study Plan: Literature of race relations

Richard Maschal

Cultural Affairs Reporter, Charlotte Observer

Study Plan: American cultural history

Dennis Montgomery

Correspondent, The Associated Press

Study Plan: Free trial vs. free press theory of law and history, political science and philosophy

Jerry Morton

Columnist and Editorial Writer, Battle Creek Enquirer (Michigan)

Study Plan: Rise of major religions in Middle East – comparative history, religion, and literature

Vivian Oates

Editor and Publisher, Towne Courier (East Lansing, MI)

Study Plan: Urban affairs American history, philosophy and sociology

Elizabeth Pond

Moscow Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor

Study Plan: American and British history

Soe Thein

Editor, The New Light of Burma Daily (Rangoon)

Study Plan: International relations and modern history, particularly postwar international economics and politics

Melba Tolliver

Reporter, WABC-TV (New York)

Study Plan: American history, black studies and feminist and black American literature

Daniel Wascoe

Metropolitan Affairs Reporter, Minneapolis Tribune

Study Plan: Urban affairs – historical, ecological, environmental and cultural aspects