Louis Antosh

Reporter, The Philadelphia Bulletin

Study Plan: Changes in values in American life – philosophy and urban studies

Steven Dornfeld

Political Writer, The Minneapolis Tribune

Study Plan: Political campaign financing – history, philosophy, urban design and planning

Jay Gallagher

City Hall Reporter, The Rochester Times-Union

Study Plan: Urban studies – history, philosophy, urban design and planning

Frederic Hill

Paris Correspondent, The Baltimore Sun

Study Plan: American political history, Western European history and French literature

Thomas Kotynski

State House Reporter, The Great Falls Tribune (Helena, MT)

Study Plan: Environmental studies – history, anthropology, economics

Philip Langdon

Reporter, TheBuffalo Evening News

Study Plan: Urban studies – American urban history, architecture, urban planning

Patrick McGuire

Staff Reporter, The Denver Post

Study Plan: Philosophy, contemporary literature, modern history

Linda Megathlin

Executive Editor, The Evening News (Southbridge, MA)

Study Plan: Evolution of concept of success in American society – cultural history, literature and drama

Robert Nelson

Staff Writer, The Kansas City Star

Study Plan: Urban studies - history and development of U.S. cities

Judith Rousuck

Reporter, The Baltimore Sun

Study Plan: Impact of business and law on the arts – art history, law and management

Chris Segura

Assistant City Editor, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans)

Study Plan: Central American studies – art, music, literature and press, also geography and economics of area

Antonio Seva

News Director, GMA Radio/Television/Arts (Quezon City, Philippines)

Study Plan: History of the Middle East, urban planning, art history and music