Kate Brooks

Freelance Photographer, The New Yorker, Smithsonian

Study Plan: Ecological preservation in an overpopulated world with diminishing resources

Silvio E. G. Cioffi

Travel Editor, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: E-publishing

Nigel Doran

Senior Broadcast Journalist, BBC World Service

Study Plan: South Korea's soft-power ambitions

Rachel Dry

Edputy Editor of Outlook, The Washington Post

Study Plan: Women and the leadership gap

Shai Gal

Correspondent, Channel 2 (Tel Aviv)

Study Plan: Do extremists control our life?

Joanne Gerstner

Freelance Sports Writer, The New York Times, ESPN

Study Plan: Concussions in athletics

Suzette Hackney

Staff Writer, Detroit Free Press

Study Plan: Enhancing traditional journalism with technology

Amy Haimerl

Editor-in-Chief, USAA Magazine

Study Plan: Abandoned places and the American dream

Markian Hawryluk

Health Reporter, The Bulletin (Bend, OR)

Study Plan: Artificial hearts and their medical, economic and ethical ramifications

Donovan Hohn

Features Editor, GQ Magazine

Study Plan: The Russo-Polish War seen through literary eyes

Sam Hudzik

Political Reporter, WBEZ (Chicago)

Study Plan: Breaking through to distracted audiences

Jong-Seok Kim

Assistant Editor, Sports and Leisure, DongA Ilbo

Study Plan: Sports business and the Winter Olympics

Tristram Korten

Freelance Writer, The Atlantic, Fast Company

Study Plan: An economic model for sustainable healthcare

Justin Maiman

Supervising Producer, Bloomberg TV

Study Plan: The next financial crisis

Tracie McMillan

Freelance Writer, The New York Times, Saveur.com

Study Plan: Education and social change

Federico Monjeau

Music Critic, Clarín (Buenos Aires)

Study Plan: American music in the 20th century

Josh Neufeld

Cartoonist, Smith Magazine, Cartoon Movement

Study Plan: Bahrain's Pearl Movement

Amir Paivar

Business Reporter, BBC Persian TV

Study Plan: Are economic sanctions an effective foreign policy tool?

Sabine Righetti

Science and Health Reporter, Folha de São Paulo

Study Plan: The methodologies of university rankings