1980 – Graham Hovey Becomes Director

September 01, 1980

Graham Hovey (1916–2010) succeeds Ben Yablonky as the director of the fellowship program.

Hovey came to the fellowship after a long career covering world affairs in the United States and abroad for newspapers, wire services and public radio, including serving on The New York Times editorial board and working as its Washington bureau foreign-policy reporter.

Graham Hovey
Class of 1980–1981 with Graham Hovey.

1980–1981 Fellows include:

Susan Ager
News-Feature and Lifestyle Reporter, The San Jose Mercury News
Study Plan: Problems of the aged

Barry Bearak
Staff Writer, The Miami Herald
Study Plan: International affairs with focus on Latin America

Thomas Bevier
Staff Writer, Detroit Free Press
Study Plan: Disenfranchisement in society

Nicholas Coleman
Reporter, Rochester Bureau, The Minneapolis Tribune
Study Plan: Religion – history, cultural and political

Bruce DeSilva
Medical Writer, The Providence Journal
Study Plan: Relations between medicine and law

John Fairhall
Reporter, The Sun Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Study Plan: National health insurance – history, philosophy, public health

Carole Halicki
Editorial Director, WRAU-TV (Peoria, IL)
Study Plan: Ancient Greece and modern parallels

Laurie Horn
Feature Writer, Broward Bureau, The Miami Herald
Study Plan: The dance and neighbor arts; socio-cultural history of 19th century Europe

Gerald Kato
Staff Writer, The Honolulu Advertiser
Study Plan: American history, Constitutional law and political science

Toby McIntosh
Reporter, Bureau of National Affairs (Washington, D.C.)
Study Plan: Social responsibilities of corporations

Richard Nadolski
Reporter, The Springfield Morning Union and Sunday Republican (Massachusetts)
Study Plan: Future prospects of man’s spiritual nature

Steven Small
Editor of Photography, The Columbian (Vancouver, WA)
Study Plan: The Soviet Union and its people

Jerry Telfer
News Photographer, The San Francisco Chronicle
Study Plan: Asian studies with relation to America’s newest minority