Nine Minutes, Twenty Seconds: The Tragedy & Triumph of ASA Flight 529

Gary Pomerantz '88

Three Rivers Press

  • 2001 |
  • ALUMNI |
  • BOOK |
  • knight-wallace |

A heart-pounding, real-life drama about how ordinary people rise above their fears and muster extraordinary courage and strength in the face of danger. In this gripping and inspiring story, Gary M. Pomerantz brings readers deep inside the hearts and minds of twenty-nine people whose fates take a dramatic turn when their plane crashes in a west Georgia hayfield. You will be amazed by how they react in those fateful moments, and by their remarkable personal journeys in the days and months that follow. Nine Minutes, Twenty Seconds speaks as powerfully about our capacity to care for others as it does about the strengths of our will to live. Also published in Germany, England and China.

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