Jet Schouten


Reporter,  ICIJ and AVROTROS Public Broadcasting TV (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

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Jet Schouten is an investigative journalist for AVROTROS Public Broadcasting TV, the oldest and most popular public broadcaster in the Netherlands. While at AVROTROS, Schouten investigated medical device safety standards, highlighted by her attempt to disguise plastic mesh packaging used for fruit as a legitimate medical device. This investigation became the inspiration for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalist’s “Implant Files,” a global report about safety testing standards for the medical device industry. She won multiple awards for her work on “Implant Files,” including a Scripps Howard Award. She also received Villamedia's Journalist of the Year award in 2018. Previously Schouten was a radio documentary journalist at IKON Public Broadcast Radio, also based in the Netherlands. She has both a B.A. in Hebrew literature and culture and an M.A. in theology and religious studies from the University of Amsterdam.