Jacob Carah


Investigative Reporter and Producer,  “Frontline"

Developing new visual design through data analysis, coding and documentary film  Judge

Jacob Carah is an independent investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. His recent work has focused on the water crisis and local development in the city of Flint, Michigan. He produced “The Daily,” a film on the importance of local journalism and the sale of the Winston-Salem Journal. He was the producer, writer and director of “Waking Dreams,” an animated mixed-media documentary about a young disabled man using his imagination to overcome the challenges of his condition, which went on to win awards in the best documentary short category at several film festivals. Carah began working as a reporter when he was 18, writing features for The Uncommon Sense in Flint. Carah received his B.A. in convergence and investigative journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and his M.F.A. in documentary film and communications from Wake Forest University.