Edouard Perrin


Documentary Investigative Reporter,  Premières Lignes Télévision (Paris)

Using cooperative journalism to exploit massive data from whistleblowers  Judge

Edouard Perrin began his career 19 years ago as a video journalist for French networks in Washington, DC and New York. He returned to France in 2001 and became a staff reporter for an investigative program broadcast on France 2 (the first French public network) in 2007. Perrin was awarded the Dauphine Business Journalism Award in 2008 for his story about the subprime crisis. In 2011, after extensive international assignments, including the “Arab Spring” in Egypt and Libya, Perrin joined “Cash Investigation” to work on long-form documentaries with rock-solid investigations and a humorous narrative. He is the reporter who revealed Luxembourg’s secret tax deals with multinationals in 2012, the story that morphed into “Luxleaks.” The two documentaries on this topic earned him several awards in Europe as well as an indictment in Luxembourg.