Dina Al-Shibeeb


Senior Journalist,  Al Arabiya English (United Arab Emirates)

The rise of the Islamic State and its impact on Iraq's modern national state identity  Judge

Dina Al-Shibeeb is a senior journalist and shift editor for Al Arabiya English, the English-language website of one of the Arab world's biggest networks. With experience across print and online journalism, Al-Shibeeb has reported and written on a wide range of topics, including business, lifestyle and politics. She was the first to break the news of Iraq launching its first private airline in early 2010 for local news outlet Emirates Business 24/7. Additionally, Al-Shibeeb was one of the first journalists to write about Iraq's Sunni minority joining volunteer forces fighting ISIS. Al-Shibeeb will focus on human-interest stories coming out of conflict zones and examine the influence of extremist elements on national state identities in the Middle East - especially in Iraq and Syria.