Bastian Obermayer


Deputy Head of the Investigative Unit,  Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich, Germany)

Understanding the global menace of tax havens  Judge

Bastian Obermayer is deputy head of the investigative unit for Süddeutsche Zeitung, the largest national daily subscription newspaper in Germany. He is the reporter initially contacted by the anonymous source of the Panama Papers. In 2005, Obermayer began working for the SZ-Magazin, the weekly publication of Süddeutsche Zeitung, specializing in long-form and investigative journalism. In 2012, he transferred to the daily newspaper where he coordinated the work of the team that investigated Offshore Leaks, Luxembourg Leaks and Swiss Leaks. He has received numerous honors for his work, including the Theodor-Wolff-Prize, the Henri-Nannen-Prize, the Helmut-Schmidt-Prize and the Waechter-Prize. Obermayer is the author of several books, the latest of which is the story of the Panama Papers. It will be published in English, Spanish and several other languages.