Application and Fellowship FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions about applying for our Knight-Wallace Fellowship.

Does Wallace House help Fellows find housing in Ann Arbor?

We recognize that relocating to a new town for the fellowship is a big consideration and we are committed to assisting Fellows with finding safe and comfortable housing. In the spring and early summer, we are in touch with university personnel planning sabbaticals and local landlords about available rental houses and apartments, including nine-month lease opportunities. We forward these offerings to the incoming class, and we gladly visit properties that are of interest to our Fellows.

When are the application deadlines for the fellowship?

  • Applications for U.S. journalists are due on February 1.
  • Applications for international journalists (without U.S. passports) are due on December 15.

Should I apply for the fellowship as a U.S. applicant or apply as an international applicant?

You should apply based on your citizenship.

  • If you are a U.S. citizen, apply as a U.S. applicant, even if you work in another country or for a non-U.S. journalism entity.
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen, apply as an international applicant, even if you work in the United States or for an American journalism entity. A Green Card is not the same as citizenship.
  • We sponsor J-1 visas for Fellows and J-2 visas for their legal spouses and dependent children. We can not assist in applying for any other types of visas for unmarried partners or non-dependent children. For more information, visit the university website to learn more about the J-1 visa process.
  • If you hold dual passports from the U.S. and another country and have questions about which application to submit, please email with details of your citizenship and we will answer your questions.

Are international and U.S. applications for the fellowship the same? Why is the deadline earlier for international applicants? 

Typically, the fellowship deadline for international applications is earlier because of the length of the visa process for successful applicants. Also, because we require additional information from our international Fellows, the international application process is split into two parts. International applicants start by completing only phase one. We notify international applicants if they are required to submit additional information for phase two.

In the past, the Knight-Wallace Fellowship featured international trips. Is travel planned for the 2023-2024 fellowship class?

International travel has been an integral part of our programming and the Knight-Wallace experience. We hope to resume international fellowship trips and will evaluate conditions for returning to travel at the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year.

Do I need approval from my employer to apply for the fellowship?

We encourage applicants to work with their employers to help determine a course of study that benefits both the applicant and their news organization. For employers, supporting your fellowship can be an investment in your career development. We see the fellowship as a partnership to sharpen skills, broaden perspective, unleash creativity and develop leadership. Employer approval is not, however, required for consideration. 

Do I need to tailor my application for the fellowship to one of the specialized area fellowships?

No. We have several specialized fellowships designed to support specific areas of journalism. But applicants should not force their journalism projects to fit one of our specialized categories. If your work and/or journalism project aligns with one of the dedicated fellowships, the selection committee will take that alignment into consideration.

What do you look for in a journalism project?

For your journalism project, we want to know what you think a Knight-Wallace Fellowship could do for you at this stage in your career. In roughly 500 words, tell us what you hope to gain for yourself, your news organization or the field of journalism more broadly. Do your reporting. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the University of Michigan and its many schools, departments and resources. We do not need to know the specific courses you would take but rather the academic areas and subjects you wish to pursue and/or the university resources that you plan to tap into. Be creative and authentic. Select a project that speaks to your goals and passions. Journalism projects can include but are not limited to, sharpening professional skills, addressing a challenge facing your newsroom, digging into data and research for a long-term reporting project or developing a journalism venture.

When will U.S. Fellows for the fellowship be selected?

Below is the timeline for our fellowship.

February 1
Early May
Late August
August 28

U.S. application due
U.S. applicant finalists notified
Interviews for finalists held
Fellowship offers extended
Fellows move to Ann Arbor for fellowship orientation
Fall Semester begins

When will the international Fellows for the fellowship be selected?

International applications for the 2023-24 academic year are now open. Below is the international application timeline for our fellowship when offered.

December 15
Late January
Early May
Late August
August 28

International applications are due
Phase two invitations extended to international applicants
Interviews for international finalists
Fellowship offers extended
Fellows move to Ann Arbor for fellowship orientation
Fall Semester begins

Can I continue to work if I am accepted for the Knight-Wallace Fellowship?

If accepted for the Knight-Wallace Fellowship, you will need to take a leave of absence from your work to focus on the fellowship and your journalism project. We understand that our Fellows may have work that is completed but not yet published when the academic year begins. That is fine. But the fellowship should be your primary professional focus and you may not accept any new assignments for the duration of the fellowship.

Also, we expect you to limit any regular or frequent professional work attached to your journalism (i.e., media commentary or analysis, blogging, speaking or promotional engagements).

I participated in the remote fellowship as a Knight-Wallace Reporting Fellow, am I eligible to apply for the traditional Knight-Wallace Fellowship?

Journalists selected for the Reporting Fellowship are eligible to apply for the traditional Knight-Wallace Fellowship.

Do I have to be vaccinated to participate in the fellowship?

The University of Michigan requires all students, faculty and staff to submit proof of vaccination. All Fellows are expected to follow university guidelines in order to participate in the program and its activities.

What Covid-19 health and safety measures will be in place during the in-person fellowship?

Those participating in the in-person fellowship must adhere to the University of Michigan’s Covid-19 protocol for all students, staff and faculty. This currently includes Covid-19 vaccine and booster requirements and a mask policy following the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Next Steps

  1. Review preparing your international application or preparing your U.S. application.
  2. Fill out and submit application form. Application forms are hosted on the Submittable web platform.

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