In Support of Our International Community Following Executive Order on Immigration

January 29, 2017

by Lynette Clemetson '10

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We at Wallace House, home of the Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists and the Livingston Awards, remain steadfast in support of our international Fellows and of the alumni and community who make our programs stronger. Welcoming international Fellows to Wallace House for an academic year of research and study at University of Michigan is central to our work, our mission and our values.

As we proceed through application season for our 2017-18 Fellows, we will continue to follow closely changes to U.S. policy and practices on immigration. Political decisions regarding immigration policy will not affect our evaluation or acceptance of applicants.

Wallace House exists to support the work and development of journalists. In doing so, we support the essential work of journalism to inform and engage the public, to pursue and present verifiable facts and complex truths and to hold the powerful to account. Welcoming international journalists enriches our mission. We will not shut our mouths. And we will not restrict our welcome.

Lynette Clemetson,
The Charles R. Eisendrath Director of Wallace House
Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists and the Livingston Awards
University of Michigan