U.S. Applicants

We adapted our fellowship program for this year to be a non-residential program supporting in-depth reporting projects. 

The fellowship program and timeline for the 2021-22 academic year will be determined based on public health guidelines. 

Below is information about our traditional Knight-Wallace Fellowship application process.

What to Prepare

Please read this page carefully as it contains instructions on submitting the required documents, work samples and reference letters to successfully submit your application.

  • To apply, you will create a login. You can save your information and return to the application at any time before your final submission.

General Information

You will be asked to provide contact information for yourself and your employer, demographic information and answer questions about your journalism achievements and disciplinary background. You will also be asked to upload several documents including a professional profile, personal statement, study plan and work samples.

Document Uploads

In this section you will be required to upload three documents. The content and format are described below.

1. Professional Profile – work history/education/awards

  • You will be required to upload a document to include all relevant positions held since completing formal education, education background and professional awards received following the format indicated in the application.

2. Projected Study Plan

  • In no more than 500 words tell us what academic areas you propose to study. How do these relate to your career objectives? How do you plan to carry out this work: Courses? Tutorials? Research? Indicate areas of study, not specific classes. What benefit will this plan have for you, your employer or the field of journalism, following the fellowship?
  • There will also be a field for you to summarize your study plan in 15 words or less.

3. Personal Statement

  • You will be required to upload a personal statement of up to 1,500 words. This statement should examine what inspires you as a journalist including your life experiences, professional interests and core ethical values. How have these factors influenced your decision to submit an application for a fellowship at this point in your career? What are your professional aspirations and how do you expect the fellowship to help you attain those goals?

Work Samples

You may submit samples from more than one medium in the accepted formats as indicated in the application. At least three samples should be from the past two years.

  • Print/Digital: Up to five samples including dates of publication.
  • Photography: Up to ten photographs with captions indicating when and where photographs were published. At least six of these photographs should be from the past two years.
  • Video and Audio: Maximum viewing or listening time should be a total of 30 minutes highlighting work from the past two years. Include a brief description indicating dates aired and a statement describing your involvement in each piece.
  • Editors/Managers: Upload a statement of no more than 500 words describing your job responsibilities and approach to your work. In addition to the statement, you may also submit stories or projects and include a description of your role in the piece.
  • Graphic/Visualization: Up to five samples including dates of publication.

Letters of Reference

You will be asked to enter the name, affiliation, title and email address for each person you will ask to submit a letter on your behalf. Upon submission of your application, a link and instructions on how to upload the letters will be sent to the email addresses you provided. Deadline for the letters will be updated here and provided on the application. 

The four required letters are: (Freelancers may submit three professional letters and one personal reference letter.)

  • One professional letter from a past or present supervisor or colleague.
  • One personal letter from a friend who may also be familiar with your professional background and work.
  • A confidential letter from your immediate supervisor elucidating your qualifications for a Knight-Wallace Fellowship.*
  • A letter from your employer supporting your application and granting you a leave for the academic year if you should be offered a fellowship.*

* If you are unable to obtain a letter from your supervisor and/or your employer, please explain why on the application and send one additional professional letter of reference. If your immediate supervisor is writing one of your three reference letters and is also the person supporting your leave of absence, that person may do so within a single letter.

Please note: Your references will not receive the link and instructions for uploading letters until your application has been completed and submitted. If your references have not received the email request within 24 hours of you submitting your application, please ask them to check their SPAM box before contacting us.

Application Questions

Application FAQ ยป

If you still have questions about the application process, email us at apply2KWF@umich.edu