International Applicants

Up to six international fellowships (four to eight months) are offered each year, as funding is available.


Application Deadline

The International Application deadline has passed and is no longer available for the 2017-2018 year.


What to Prepare

The application process is online. Before you start the online process, please read this page carefully. It contans instructions on how to submit your essays, work samples and references.

  • To apply, you will create a login. You can save your information and return to the application at anytime before your final submission.
  • There are two parts of the application to complete but you are required to complete only Phase I at this time.
  • We prefer that you apply online. If you are unable to access the online application, please contact us and we can make arrangements for a mail-in option.


Application Questions

For questions about the application process, email us at


Phase One of the Application

General Information

You will be asked to provide contact information for yourself and your employer, demographic information and answer questions about your journalism achievements and disciplinary background.

You will be asked to list all positions held since completing formal education, beginning with current employment and following this order:

  • Employer
  • Dates
  • Title
  • Immediate Supervisor

In addition to providing the above information, you will be asked to upload your resume.

Letters of Reference

For Phase I of the application process, you will be asked to enter the name, title and affiliation of each person who will write a recommendation on your behalf. Do not submit letters at this time. Applicants will be invited to submit letters as part of Phase II of the application process.

Document Uploads

In this section, you will be asked to upload your essays and work samples. If you would like to change your document or work sample once it is uploaded, simply upload the revised version or new work sample in the field you would like to replace.

Projected Study Plan

You will be required to upload a Projected Study Plan (PDF or Word document).

  • In no more than 500 words tell us what academic areas you propose to study. How do these relate to your career objectives? How do you plan to carry out this work: Courses? Tutorials? Research? Indicate areas of study, not specific classes. Of what benefit will this be to you, your employer or the field of journalism following the fellowship?
  • There will also be a field for you to summarize your study plan in 10 words or less.

Intellectual Autobiography

  • You will be asked to upload an autobiography of up to 1,500 words (PDF or Word document).
  • Label this file for uploading: Autobiography
  • Your autobiography should examine the intellectual and social values that shape your work as a journalist. Explore the origins of these values and explain how they contribute or relate to satisfaction derived from journalism.

Work Samples

You will be be asked to submit two work samples at this time and additional samples may be requested during Phase II of the application process. Please submit work samples following the guidelines below and all materials should be from the past two years.

Work samples may be uploaded as a word document, PDF or a list of URL links. You may send samples from more than one medium but label the samples accordingly: Print, Photo, Broadcast, Editor or Online Sample.

  • Print: Must include dates of publication.
  • Photography: Photographs with captions indicating where they were published.
  • Broadcast: Maximum viewing or listening time should be 30 minutes and include a brief description (PDF or Word document), dates aired and a statement describing your involvement in each piece.
  • Editors/Managers: Upload a statement of no more than 500 words describing your job responsibilities and approach to your work.
  • Online: Upload print or programming samples. They can be either a PDF file, a Word document or list of URL links.
  • Maximum size for each individual sample submission is 100MB
  • Work samples must be accompanied by English translations.

You are responsible that all URL links remain active through January 31, 2017


Phase Two of the Application

You need not do anything at this time but will be notified if letters of recommendation are required or additional work samples need to be submitted.

Mail supporting materials to (if applicable):

Knight-Wallace Fellowships
Wallace House
620 Oxford Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104-2635
(734) 998-7666
(734) 998-7979 fax


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